Sunday, January 27, 2008

Southland Tales

"This is how the world ends, not with a whimper,but with a bang" says the films narrator Justin Timberlake.

The year is 2008 and the world is a mess. Our narrator for this tale is JT playing a Iraq war vet who is sitting in a big chair with a big gun guarding something called Fluid Karma. This Fluid Karma is a perpetual motion wave machine that is the new power for the world since oil has become rare and expensive. The United States has seen better times. Texas has suffered a nuke and the country has become a police state. A Marxist underground based on the West Coast is determined to bring down the federal government through violent revolution. In this midst of this chaos, we follow a number of stories that continually return to three principle characters. Boxer Santaros is an actor famous for his role in action films; he's trying to secure financing for a new project, but reality keeps mirroring the events in his script and he struggles to hold on to his identity following a bout with amnesia. Krysta Now is a porn star who is reinventing herself as a television pundit offering her views on politics, contemporary culture, and teenage sex. And Roland Taverner is an L.A. police officer whose identity has mysteriously split in two and he struggles to track down his other half.
The ever so seeming over the top performances by the cast are actually good. For all the mystery, action and intrigue, Southland Tales keeps you at such a far distance that the movie feels soulless, unlike the connection Richard Kelly's last movie 'Donnie Darko' had.
Southland Tales still is very entertaining but very ambitious and messy. C- Enjoy, but don't say I didn't warn you. ~Caleb

Saturday, January 26, 2008

There Will Be Blood

What I experienced last night has to be seen to be believed. I didn't just see a movie last night, what I saw was a work of art. P.T Anderson has made a masterpiece. Until last night I thought Hollywood was done making movie's like this. What I mean by this is that more and more it seems that movies are loosing that motion picture appeal. Don't get me wrong I love a movie with fast, witty, dialogue, but if you are showing me a drama, give me something to look and marvel at as well. If I wanted a good story with strong characters, I would read a book.
PTA has made a movie that has left me speechless. Me explaining There Will Be Blood,would be like trying to telling you how good Andy's Words Cant Describe Apple Pie tastes. It's just that good, believe me.
What is truly remarkable about this film is the lack of dialogue and that it shows the ability to tell a story through images that says more about what's happening.
The opening scene alone shows you how much determination the main character Daniel Plainview has. It take blood,sweat,and tears to get what he wants.

This film has given me a lot to say so buckle up.
The film is about a oilman named Daniel Plainview(played brilliantly by Daniel Day Lewis) who has already made a mane for himself in the oil drilling business. Mr.Plainview had the voice of a true salesman,abating,absolute on the needs of his expertise, and no doubt fraudulent. If it sounds to good to be true than it probably is. With a name like Plainview it sure seems that there is more than meets the eye with this fellow. Daniel is a man that comes from no where, he has no real partners and uses his son as a exploitative selling tool rather than anything else. The only thing he cares about in life is money. Already quite the millionaire Plainview gets his big break when a young farm boy visits his office and tells him that his family's land has oil. For a price the young man tells our oilman where his farm is located. Daniel and his son show up and make a deal. It is at this moment of the story that the twin brother of the young man makes his presence known.

Eli Sunday is a evangelical preacher whose only goal is to get money from Plainview for his church, the Church of the Third Revelation. These two characters quickly form a dislike for one another. To tell you any further would really spoil your viewing, so that's the plot in a nutshell.
There Will Be Blood is a tour De force. It is truly terrifying to see what greed can do to people. A+ Enjoy!!! ~Caleb

Friday, January 25, 2008


Sorry for the lateness of this review, Juno came to Springfield a few weeks ago and I was able to catch it last week. It makes me happy to like a movie this much.

Juno is a very funny touching tale about Juno McGuff who after a night with her best friend/boyfriend gets pregnant. At first she decides to abort the baby, but cold feet persuades her to give her child up for adoption. She finds the perfect couple to give the baby to. This is the basic set up of the film, the rest is a 9 month heartfelt, funny, and witty look at Juno's life during this special time. If I tell you any more you will hate me for giving away your favorite part that you will love experiencing on your own.

Written by Diablo Cody a former stripper, has given us one of the smartest teen movies in a long time. Cody could be the new voice of celluloid. The dialogue is party mix of teenage speak and erudite vocabulary. It's the sort of dialogue that seems real, but then you realize how clever it is and that people actually don't talk that way. I really love that. Great scripts sometimes brings great performances. It brings me great honor to say Cody's script was heard. Director Jason Reitman(Thank You For Smoking) is quickly making a name for himself with only 2 movies now under his belt. Hollywood had taken notice of Reitman and Cody, I only hope that moviegoers do the same.

The cast is stellar as well, Ellen Page is Juno, she was totally convincing as the title character. Well, I have said my case and it's off to the theater tonight to catch 'There Will Be Blood', most likely the winner of this years Best Picture Oscar, and this generations 'Citizen Kane'...whatever that means. See Juno & Enjoy!!!! ~COX


I finally went to see this. I had plans to see it a few weeks ago, but they fell through. I started hearing great things about this one from many people. So, I went to see it and I was very pleasantly entertained. I absolutely expect this movie to win some awards.

I was totally engaged in this film from the beginning. It is an authentic & sincere story of a teenage girl that could have very well been someone you knew in highschool. The actress that plays Juno, Ellen Page, is fabulous. She takes hold of this character and does not let go. I would recommend this one to about anyone.

I love the small time feel of this. It is not, as I say, "all hollywooded up". I wish that more movies were made in this same style. It's not fancy. Its not incredibly visual. It actually is kind of drab. It just flat out has great writing, wonderful acting, and superb directing. It reminds me of some of my favorite 80's movies.

One thing that I remember about this movie, while I was in the theater, was that I got so wrapped up in the story. So much so that I forgot that I was actually watching a movie. I really felt as though I was being told a story. I think that a lot of movies these days are lacking this quality. This movie is going to hit home for a lot of people. Some of you have been there, some of you know someone who has, or you will just be touched by this cute little story.

If you get a chance, I encourage you to catch this flick. You won't regret it.
My Rating: A

Tons of Reviews to Come

Sorry for the lack of posts, my access to a computer is limited, but be patient please. This week has been a huge movie week for me. In the coming hours look forward to reviews of...

Southland Tales
There Will Be Blood

If you plan on seeing a movie this weekend see 'Juno' it's amazing.


Monday, January 21, 2008

When a Monster Attacks!!!

Last summer I, like most people went to see a little movie over the summer called Transformers. If you were one of those who went to see that movie you saw a trailer for another movie about NYC blowing up and the date was 1-18-08. The Internet went nuts. "What the heck is 1-18-08, what's this secret project called 'Cloverfield'? Piecing the mystery together 1-18-08 / Cloverfield was a monster movie told thru the eyes of someone with a camcorder. No back story needed here, just some guy taping his best friends going away party then BAM!, monster attacks the city.

I know what most of you are thinking, 'didn't I see this movie before'?
Nope. 'Cloverfield' is a monster movie reinvention. Right away I give the movie high marks for living up to what it said it was going to be. 'Cloverfield' does not have Godzilla chasing Mathew Broderick around the city, nor do we see Will Smith and other army men fighting off aliens from outer space. We see a movie told or seen by the people that live in the city that these monsters smash and destroy.
As said earlier the movie focuses on five friends at a going away party. It just so happens that on this very evening a monster decides to attack the city. The rest of the movie is a document on how the group of friends try to survive and get out of the city in one piece. Telling you any more would truly and utterly ruin the experience, so mum's the word.
A+ Enjoy!!! --COX


Cloverfield's just the next "Blair Witch Project"? NO, NO, and triple NO! This is not Blair Witch. The only similarity is the fact that it is shot in the "handycam" style. Cloverfield is so MUCH more than that. It has a screenplay. It has actors. It has special effects. and even though the cinematography is done in this style, the shots are so well done you almost dont even recognize them. Everything is well planned and set up.

This film is like nothing you have ever seen before. It truly is an original. It starts out and you almost dont even know that it has started because of the camera. And being that this is the point of view, it is as though you are going through this adventure with the cast. It is also pretty close to real time.

This movie is obviously a monster movie, but it doesnt focus so much on that that you get bored. It acutally leaves you in suspense wondering more and more about what is attacking the city. The suspense and lack of visuals on the monster leave you wanting more. It also reminds me of one of my favorite suspenseful monster movies, Jaws.

It also has another quality that I think all monster movies need, and that is comedy. Many monster or slasher movies try to accomplish this, but tend to fail. Cloverfields comic relief is the camera man known as "Hud". His little comments behind the camera leave you smiling as they take on the citys monster. The comedy doesnt feel planned or "stuck in", it is natural human reaction to trauma, which is what most funny stand-up comedians reinact to us, the audience.

You like monster movies? You like originality? Then this is the movie for you.
Rating: B+

Thursday, January 17, 2008


This releases this Friday 1-18-08. I will admit, I am excited & anxious to see this one. I am in hopes that the trailer does not trounce the actual film, which is a possibility. All we can do is just go to the theatre and check it out for ourselves. See you at the movies!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Diary of the Dead: Exclusive Trailer

When it comes to Zombie movies, filmmaker George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead) in my opinion is the master. I can't wait for his new film. Watch if you dare. Diary of the Dead - Exclusive Trailer

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Terminator:TSCC ~Ep.2

What can I say, so far I'm still impressed. Episode 2 is still setting up good momentum. My guess is that it won't be until episodes 3 or 4 that things start to heat up. So far the big thing I like is the balance of drama and action. Last nights episode had the Conner's and Cameron jump to the future ('07) to stop Skynet( the company who makes the robots for the future war), but first they need fake i.d's. Sarah knows somebody who might be able to supply them but it turns out he is retired from the biz. Cameron (the "good" Terminator) knows of another place where they can get what they need. But a Surprise awaits. Good drama, and good action. Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles may have a bright future ahead.

Monday, January 14, 2008

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" Ep. 1 Review

I am not an expert T.V show watcher, but I really like what I have seen so far from the premiere episode. The show takes place between T2 and Terminator 3. As far as crossover goes I hope this series will become its own thing. Too early to tell but so far every thing seems to click. All the actors are good, and the show seems to have that Terminator feel. If you are a fan I highly recommend it. Tonight is part 2 of last nights episode. With us here at Catch A Flick being fans of the movies, I plan on giving this show a chance and reviewing every episode. Enjoy!!!! ~COX

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The debut of this airs this Sunday Jan 13th @7pm
and Monday Jan 14th @ 8pm on FOX.

Website on FOX:

Also, Here are some commercials for it:

New Iron Man Trailer

Sweeney Todd Interviews with Johnny Depp & Tim Burton


Dark Knight International Posters

Here are the recently released International "Dark Knight" Posters.
I can't tell you how anticipated this movie is by COX and I, and the rest of the Dark Knight following.
Stay tuned for more info on this upcoming film of 2008.

Be Kind Rewind

This one comes out this month, and it should be a hoot.
starring Jack Black & Mos Def
directed by Michel Gondry (also did Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

"when your walkin down the street.... and you see a little ghost.....whatcha gonna do about ghost bustas!"
check out the trailer here: <

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins

4th Terminator to be released in 2009.
Starring Christian Bale as John Conner.
Directed by McG (also directed Charlie's Angels 1&2, & We are Marshall)

Here is some interesting latest news about Christian Bale on
I would have to agree that he is one of the coolest, most interesting actors in the game today.

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Conan Movie

So today I just heard news that Lionsgate, the house that Jigsaw built, bought the rights to make a new "Conan" movie. The team behind bringing the classic barbarian to the silver screen is the same that has brought "Rambo" back to theaters this January. If done correctly (which the Rambo trailer footage looks very promising) we could see a resurgence of the bad to the bone action movies I grew up watching Saturday mornings on HBO while eating my Lucky Charms.

Favorites of '07 - Horror ~Grindhouse

In the spring 0f '07 a movie called Grindhouse came to theaters. The term Grindhouse comes from the late '60's well into the early '80's when inner city movie theaters would play movies back to back. The theaters would "grind" them out so to say.
It was during a movie night at Quentin's house in his theater room that him and his best friend fellow filmmaker Robert Rodriguez came up with the idea to make the movie "Grindhouse". It would be two movies for the price of one. Robert's movie would be "Planet Terror" an early eighties style zombie movie. The second feature would be "Death Proof" by Tarantino, a old school slasher film, but instead of using a butcher knife the killer uses his car.
The goal/idea behind this film was to give the audience a movie going experience that they may have never got to see before. The goal I am proud to say was a success; however not many people came to see this experience. Who's to know why "Grindhouse" flopped, my theory is today's ADD movie going audience. Going to the movie's today is like going to a fast food restaurant and ordering the same darn Jason Bourne/National Treasure double cheese burger; "I would like that with ketchup only please".
Seeing "Grindhouse" was one of the best movie experiences I have had in a while. Like I said before the movie is a double feature thrill ride. The first was "Planet Terror".
Planet Terror ~ Two doctors find their graveyard shift with townspeople ravaged by sores, turning them into infected ghouls. Among the wounded is Cherry, a dancer whose leg was ripped from her body. As the infected quickly become enraged aggressors, Cherry and her ex-boyfriend Wray lead a team of accidental warriors into the night.
Rodriguez had made a exploitation movie the only way he knows how, over the top. Filled with action, horror, lots of blood and guts and I wouldn't want it any other way.
Movie number two was Death Proof, a white hot juggernaut of a movie at 200 mph.

In Tarantino's "Death Proof," Austin's hottest DJ, Jungle Julia, sets out into the night to unwind with her two friends Shanna an Arlene. Covertly tracking their moves is Stuntman Mike, a scarred rebel leering from behind the wheel of his muscle car, revving just feet away.

If you watch, watch responsibly and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Movie Lists from You!

This post is an attempt to get you, the reader, involved.
I am going to have a couple of different lists for you, then you post your response to these. I will help you start with a few of my personal answers in bold & italics.

1. Movies that the trailer (preview) was better than the actual movie. (In other words, you were lead to believe that this movie was going to be great by look of the trailer, but you were dissappointed).

- Cloverfield?
- Transformers
- Chronicles of Narnia

2. Underrated movies you've seen that you think others haven't seen, but should.

- Hot Fuzz
- Reservoir Dogs
- Fargo
- The Goonies (surprising amount of people I have talked to lately have not seen this)

3. Sequel better than the Original?

- Star Wars (Empire Strikes)

- Evil Dead 2

- Mad Max 2 aka The Road Warrior

- Godfather 2

4. Worst movie titles?
- Snatch (how many didn't see this because of what they thought this movie was about?)
- Zathura
- Harold & Kumar go to White Castle
- What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
- The Shawshank Redemption
- I still know what you did last summer


COX, Lotz (coacher), & I re-watched this one the other night. I also gained much more from this film than the 1st time I watched it. It was like watching it for the first time. There is so much humor in this film, however I can see where some would misunderstand this movie & miss the comedy of it.

This was directed by the Coen Bros, who also have done "Miller's Crossing", "The Big Lebowski", "O Brother where art Thou", and most recently "No Country for Old Men". Their films are very recognizable as their own.

The cast of this movie was also great:
William H. Macy ... Jerry Lundegaard
Steve Buscemi ... Carl Showalter
Frances McDormand ... Marge Gunderson
John Carroll Lynch ... Norm Gunderson

Great movie. Must see. A break from the normal movies that you may be used to. Very original. Very true depiction of humans at their worst. Also a great real story of basic, normal, simple life in South Dakota.
Rating: A

Reservoir Dogs

Rewatched this one with COX the other night. I can remember watching this around 1995 to 1996 (around my Junior Year in High School). I don't remember much about it, probably because I was just a kid waiting for the violence & "cool scenes". I got much more out of this film this time around. It is amazing how one can interpret a movie so much differently when you are older. I am interested to see what I think about certain movies 10 years from now.

Obviously, a Quentin Tarantino flick. Does a fabulous job making this feel real & gritty with the editing, camera angles, pans, "flashbacks", and so on. He is truly an artist & one of the best nonetheless. It is not "over the top", as some of these gangster-type films can seem to be. And I say "gangster", but it is hard to throw it in a category like that. It is in its' own for sure.

Can anyone say awesome cast?:
Harvey Keitel as Mr. White
Tim Roth as Mr. Orange
Michael Madsen as Mr. Blonde
Chris Penn as Nice Guy Eddie Cabot
Steve Buscemi as Mr. Pink
Lawrence Tierney as Joe Cabot
Kirk Baltz as Marvin Nash
Edward Bunker as Mr. Blue (as Eddie Bunker)
Quentin Tarantino as Mr. Brown

There is some violence, but not bad by todays standards. There is a lot of dialogue, however it is ALL great & is very well done. This is one of Tarantino's finest. Not all will be pleased by this movie, but that is not the point. If you are a Tarantino fan, or know his work, then you will love this one.
Rating: A
So much to say about Reservoir Dogs so little space. The first time I saw this movie I had no idea who Tarantino was. In my early teenager years I rented movies from this local joint called Movies n Video. I rented a lot from that place so they knew me by name. One of the employees knew I liked action movies so he told me to check "Dogs" out. I did and my first impression was originality and violence portrayed like I haven't seen before. That was years ago, and today my appreciation for the film, and it's director continues to grow.

Reservoir Dogs is a heist movie but so much more. Most genre movies are reflective appreciations of each other. In other words, if you've seen one heist movie you've seen em all. With Reservoir Dogs, he turns the heist genre on its head. He reinvents the heist genre. I can't think of any crime/heist movies I have seen where the movie doesn't even show you the heist. I don't think there are very many crime movies where the bad guys talk about normal everyday things. Tarantino loves his characters and the actors who play them. He gives them cool background music; he gives them wonderful dialogue. All these things happen in the first 10 plus minutes of the movie. The opening scene takes place in a diner. Sitting around a large table is a group of guys all dressed up in suits. One of the men starts talking (in lurid detail) about the "true" meaning of Madonna's "Like A Virgin". What a way to start a movie. The conversation then segways to K-Billys Super Sounds of the 70's weekend, then the famous rant of why Mr. Pink doesn't tip his waitresses. They leave the restaurant in slow motion with "Little Green Bag" playing as background music. Mr. Tarantino knows what cool is.

Six strangers are recruited by a crime boss to hold up a diamond wholesalers. When the alarm is tripped and the police are quick on the draw, the surviving crooks try to figure out what went wrong and maybe who set them up. Greatness all around. "Reservoir Dogs", Tarantino's directorial debut gets an A+!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Favorites of '07: Foreign Film - The Host

I saw a lot of great foreign films this year but this one from Korea takes the cake. "The Host" is a excellent monster movie. Toxic chemicals get released in the Han River and years later a mutant squid creature emerges. The film centers on a family who runs a snack shop next to the river. One day the mysterious monster emerges and causes panic, death, and destruction. The monster captures the youngest member of the family, and is presumed dead. When the family hears of hope that she might be still alive, they band together and try to rescue her.
"The Host" has earned the right as one of the greatest creature features of all time. It can stand alongside classics such as "Jaws" and "Creature from the Black Lagoon". The movie stays fresh with mixtures of old school scare tactics and a few jumps along with nail biting moments that I did not expect or see coming. An added bonus too is that the movie is funny, the comedy is well paced through the entire film. A good time should be had by all if you watch this movie. "The Host" gets an A! Enjoy!!!! ~COX

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Flight of the Conchords

I know that this is NOT a film, so sorry in advance for that.
I just really loved this.

"Flight of the Conchords" is a 2-man band from New Zealand.
They have their own show on HBO.
I had seen some of their songs on YouTube, but I received their Season 1 DVD for Christmas, and recently watched all of them back-to-back-to-back. They are hilarious. They mix their crazy songs with the episodes (which when viewed on YouTube was out of context for me). That is all I will say as I don't want to ruin anything for you.

I recommend these to about anyone. There is very little language, if any. I will say that they are of a certain humor, and not all will "get them", but for those of you that do, enjoy!

Sweeney Todd revisited!

Sweeney Todd revisted.
Well, I took my wife to see this, and she wasn't as moved as I was by this film.
Her reaction to the film reminded me that certain movies are not just for anyone. There is definitely an audience for this one though. I think that it takes a certain type of person for each type of film.

For me it just further confirmed the fact of how much I loved it.
I believe that this one will definitely win some awards, and I think that it will take winning some Oscars for certain people to actually go watch this.

Hope that some of you get the guts to go see this one!

Favorites of '07: Thriller - Disturbia

"Disturbia" is a wonderful movie. The movie delievers on thrills and suspense, unlike most recent so called thrillers. I love when a film grabs me from the very beginning and wont let go until the credits. When going to see "Disturbia" my expectation level was medium. I have been a Shia fan since his days on the Disney Channel with "Even Stevens". I left the theater with jaw dropping amazement. With "Disturbia" we have a well written script, a top notch cast with Shia really coming into his own. I predict him to become the next Tom Hanks. Another actor who I would like to mention that does awesome is David Morse. He plays the neighbor in question and is mostly good in everything he is in. Being that "Disturbia" is a thriller, I say nothing but the movie is about a teen under house arrest who becomes convinced his neighbor is a serial killer. Disturbia gets an A. Enjoy! ~COX

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Favorites of '07: Comedy - "Hot Fuzz"

I can not say enough about "Hot Fuzz". I love this movie. "Hot Fuzz" was holding top prize until later in the year when I saw "No Country for Old Men".
Hot Fuzz is the story of a hard boiled super-cop named Nick Angel. Intimidated by his arrest record, his superior officers transfer him from the busy streets of London to the sleepy village of Sandford. A big cop in a small town, he sees murders and conspiracies that the village cops and locals see as accidents. With the help of his partner Danny Butterman, who is a action movie fan, it's not long before they discover that not everything in Sandford is quite what it seems.

To call "Hot Fuzz" a spoof on action movies would be a slight disservice to the film. This movie is so much more than that. It takes everything from action films(serious to outlandish) and turns up the heat, making the movie very funny and very cool. The first half of the movie is a quite slow and funny murder mystery. The second half kicks into high octane laughs and action. As with "Shaun of the Dead", "Hot Fuzz" is a movie affectionately poking fun at a genre that the filmmakers clearly love. "Hot Fuzz" gets an A+ Enjoy!!! ~COX

Favorites of '07: Action Movie - "Shoot Em Up"

Finally an American action movie that's pure action! You can tell this movie was made by a filmmaker who loves the genre and got to make the movie he wanted to make.
"Shoot Em Up" ended up becoming one of my five favorite movies of 2007. This movie is so much fun. You know your in for a wild ride when one of the first actions scenes is a massive gunfight taking place during a child birth. The action and this scene set up the rest of the movie. Clive Owen plays Mr. Smith who delivers a baby during a shoot out. With the help of a streetwalker played by the very beautiful Monica Bellucci, he calls upon himself to protect the newborn from a band of gunmen led by a hitman. Paul Giamatti brings his A game as usual to this role.
I am a big fan of movies with stylized action and stylized violence, "Shoot Em Up" I am very happy to say has both. The movie is absurd, so many moviegoers might not like that. I still remember the night I went to go see "Shoot Em Up". I was waiting in line to get tickets and the showing before mine had let out and this group of people were laughing and going on about how stupid and unrealistic everything in the movie was. From that moment a grin appeared on my face that lasted until I got home and went to sleep. I give "Shoot Em Up" an A+. Enjoy! ~COX