Wednesday, May 28, 2008

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

Treasure seeker Ben Gates is back after his family’s honour is put into question by a rival, who offers alleged proof that Gates’ ancestor, was not a Civil War-era hero, but an Abraham Lincoln assassination participant. Ben gets the help of his father, side kick, and estranged girlfriend to puzzle trot all over, which leads them all over the world, and to the eventual conclusion that Ben must kidnap the President of the United States.
Following a great looking opening sequence, Book of Secrets goes back to the mediocre style of the first movie. None of the characters learned anything from the first National Treasure movie. It seems that everybody is in similar predicaments as before, only this time a few cogs are thrown in to give Book of Secrets that great sequel appeal. Sadly all of this seems like one big cliche. Ben and his girlfriend are in a lovers spat, his sidekick doesnt pay his taxes, and the Gates'family name is ran through the mud. Awesome! Let the adventure begin.
The truth is that National Treasure did not ever need a sequel in the first place. It was a very entertaining Saturday matinie adventure movie. Ben Gates is no Indiana Jones, or Captian Jack. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets is exactly what I knew it was going to be,a sequel that upped the ante on very basic entertainment level puzzles and car chases. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets gets a D+. Enjoy? ~Caleb

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This blood soaked masterpiece is now on DVD. If you are a die hard(no pun intended)fan of action movies, then this is a movie for you. I have already been saying that it is the best action movie of the year. Eat your hearts out liberals, Rambo's back
Wear a raincoat and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!! COX

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones in the Fifties

I am going to start this review off by answering the question a lot of you will want to know,where does Crystal Skull rank? For a long time now I have placed Radiers of the Lost Ark as a separate masterpiece from the rest of the series. The 11 year old kid in me ranks Temple of Doom as the best, leaving The Last Crusade as the perfect ending to the series. Doom still has that special place in my heart, Crusade still has that perfect ending, but Crystal Skull is my second fave. 1,4,2,3 is the order for me.
After 19 years since Last Crusade, Spielberg and Lucas can still make an amazing Indiana Jones film. Everything I love about this series is still strong as ever in Crystal Skull. I really enjoy this latest installment and think it's better than just o.k.
In this latest adventure we see an older Indy adjusting to life in the 50's. So long Holy Crusades, hello nuclear age. A young James Dean type seeks the aid of Dr. Jones to help find his mother and old friend, who was a colleague of Indiana. An ancient artifact called the Crystal Skull(s) ties everything together in the fourth film of the classic series. This review is so late that its not even funny. I promise a more in depth review when the DVD comes out. My final word or words is this. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is just equally good and fun as other films in the series. A+. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indiana Jones

Indy 4 !!

Are you ready for this?
Tonight at Midnight!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Terminator!

Watched this at The Palace at Midnight. What can I say but........AWE-SOME!
COX and I agreed that neither of us had the opportunity to ever see this in the theater.
We both grew up watching this over and over. It is an absolute classic of 1984,
and I give The Palace 2 thumbs up for choosing this film to show as part of their "Midnight Madness" features.

It was everything that I remember and more. I love the gritty feel. I love the lower budget. It has a "real" feel to it. It is not high-end special doesn't require that. I wish that more movies of today were made in this fashion, and not worry so much about the bright lights, big name actors, huge CGI special effects, and big budgets. Make some quality stuff like this. If Hollywood wont do it, then maybe old COX and I need to step up to the plate and offer something that audiences (like us) will love and respect.

Part of why I like to view these older films on the big screen like this is the fact that the film is aged and has been played numerous times. This causes the film to have imperfections, scratches, bad cuts, poorer sound quality. You would think that most people would HATE this............for COX and I it is completely the opposite. We cherish these things. They make the movie that much better. It adds a certain feel to it that you cant get at home watching a Digital DVD.

Schwarzenegger is huge and in his prime. Biehn is tough and this is his signature role. Hamilton does a fantastic job. It will probably be a while before this is ever played anywhere else on the big screen anytime soon, but if it does, and you like this kind of stuff, you don't want to miss it. It was one of the best movie experiences I have had in a while.