Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ten Movies That I Really Want To See In 2009!

10. Watchmen - This is a big one. From the director of '300', comes one of the most famous graphic novels ever. In most geek circles this story is looked upon as the holy grail of graphic novels. I am not a hardcore fan, but the novel is a great story and the previews look amazing.

9. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen - I am expecting more of the same this second time around. Until they make the Transformers the main focus of the movie/story, I will only be half way excited.

8. GI-Joe: The Rise of Cobra - The Joe's were my favorite toys when I was a kid, so of course I am a little excited. I just hope the director watched 'Street Fighter: The Movie' before he started filming.

7. Jennifer's Body - Screenwriter of 'Juno' + Megan Fox + A Comedy about a dead cheerleader = I am so there!

6. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Duh.

5. Wolverine - In cyberspace it is sounding like the majority of movie geeks everywhere are wanting this movie to suck. 20th Century Fox and movie buffs are not on the best of terms right know. FOX has been on a very bad movie streak, I think 4 of their films were some of the worst that I saw last year. I just hope Mr. Hugh Jackman wont let us fans down.

4. Terminator: Salvation - The future war finally told...yes please!

3. Star Trek - I never thought that this series would ever or could ever look as cool as the previews look. J.J Abrams, you rock!

2. Inglourious Basterds - He will always be known as the guy who gave us 'Pulp Fiction', which is cool; however, I am going on record saying that this movie will be Quentin's masterpiece.

1. Public Enemies - The director of 'Heat' made a Gangster movie; I repeat, the director of 'Heat' made a Gangster movie!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Best Picture of 2008

It's my list so I can make or break the rules of the list. I want to change it up a little bit for my choice of Best Picture of 2008. I have three movies this year that I truly consider the best of last year. I wanted to post these before the Oscars tomorrow night. Sorry for the lateness and the rush, reviews will come out on DVD release, which only one has not come out yet...enjoy!!!!

Best Drama 2008 - 1st Runner Up & Winner

1st Runner Up - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I really let time get ahead of me on my best of picks for 2008, sorry. I promise to have a review of the rest of these movies when they hit DVD. The case of Brad Pitt's latest has been bumpy one with me. I was really looking forward to this movie since seeing the previews last summer. When I saw the film, my first impressions was utter disappointment. I have only seen the film one time, and the more that I think of the movie the more I find myself liking it more and more. The film has this great sense of fantasy to it. The only golden boy this film really deserves is the one for best special effects.

Gran Torino - Winner

If you haven't seen this movie yet, go tonight. Clint does it again.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Best Horror 2008 - Dance of the Dead: Winner

For two years running DTV or independent horror has been beating out big budget horror in terms of substance and just plain horror movie fun. For several years the horror genre has been on this kick of torture, dreadful, sick, and terror prevails kick. I get that, but I am sort of sick and tired of it. When I was almost done with horror, it was nice to see a movie like last years Grindhouse, to remind me how fun seeing horror movies can be.

Dance of the Dead was a small zombie film I saw last year, that I totally fell in love with. It is a great feeling when you watch something that you are expecting to suck and it ends up one of the best movie watching experiences of the year.

Dance of the Dead revolves around the mysterious reanimation of the dead and the efforts of Jimmy, Lindsey, Stephen, and Kyle to save their local high school prom from attack.

The movie just kept getting better and better, it amazed me at every turn. It is something really special when you have similar ideas that a director has. A high school rock band playing the prom and fighting zombies, how cool is that! A lot of silly stuff happens in this movie, but it is clear that nothing is taken serious. Not trying to sound to obvious, director Gregg Bishop has made a John Hughes meets Return of the Living Dead film. Have a movie night with some friends, and have a great time with Dance of the Dead! A+ Enjoy!!!!!


Best Horror 2008 - 1st Runner Up: Rogue

One of the most anticipated movies for me last year was the Australian creature feature Rogue. The only disappointment was that the movie became a DTV (Direct to Video) release. This made me very nervous, thinking that the movie very well may suck. Turns out that Rogue in fact does not suck. In the age of the multiplex and the price gouging of ticket prices, Hollywood can't or won't take chances on movies like this. I guess Hollywood knows what they are doing, just look at Paul Bart: Mall Cop?

I am glad to say that Rogue is finding an audience! I bought my copy at a second hand DVD shop, and until recently it was a hot item. I took the movie over the other half of catchaflicks house to watch on his birthday. His response was overwhelming, I think he likes it more than I do. Rogue could very well be Sam's favorite movie of last year. It took him awhile to find it on DVD, but he did and bought extras for Christmas presents!

An Australian wildlife cruise turns bad when the tourists become hunted by a man-eating crocodile! The tour captain investigates a distress flair before returning to land. The boat gets damaged by the croc and the tour party become stranded on a tiny bit of land in the river. They must quickly decide a plan of action before it's too late. With the river having a rising tide, the group decide to trap the crocodile and quickly try to escape. Nothing ever goes to plan and the beast can't be fooled to long. The croc takes the tour guide to it's lair to feast on latter. Does our hero, the wildlife tour travel writer save her in time? You have to watch it to find out.

Rogue is truly a sight to see, the camera work capturing the Outback is absolutely breathtaking. Some of these areas have never been filmed. I believe this is Sam's favorite aspect of the movie. I love that and the amazing creature feature suspense/horror. A+. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!


Best Horror 2008 - Nominees

The Ruins
Dance of the Dead
The Strangers

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Best Grindhouse 2008 - Death Race: Winner

Ex-con Jensen Ames is forced by the warden of a notorious prison to compete in our post-industrial world's most popular sport: a car race in which inmates must brutalize and kill one another on the road to victory. That is what Death Race is, pure and simple. If this plot or title alone does not interest you, then the exploitation genre might not be your thing. A remake of the cult classic Death Race 2000, this modern day take stars subtle action movie star Jason Statham, my favorite tough guy making movies today. Death Race is way more mainstream and accessible than this years 1st runner up. Action fans and Statham fans will not be disappointed in the slightest. Not much more to really say, the synopsis really and truly says it all. B+ Enjoy!!!


Best Grindhouse 2008 - Hell Ride: 1st Runner Up

What does Grindhouse mean? It is an American movie theater term for Exploitation films,a type of film that is promoted by "exploiting" often lurid subject matter. The term "exploitation" is common in film marketing, used for all types of films to mean promotion or advertising.

It doesn't get much more gridhouse than a biker film. Forget the plot, a motorcycle movie only needs to follow three rules; the 3 B's, Bikes, Babes, and Booze. Like most exploitation genres, the biker film genre is a risky one. Most of them are bad, as in unwatchable, so bad it's good, and the very rare bad@$$! For the casual movie watcher, I recommend the very well known biker classic Easy Rider.

The biker genre never interested me, it wasn't until I found out that Quentin Tarantino was going to produce one that I became curious. The early word on the film was that Tarantino gave director Larry Bishop his blessing to go make the best biker movie ever. When it comes to QT I know that the integrity of the film comes first, and that's why he is one of my favorites!

Hell Ride is modern day take on the biker films from the '60's that Larry Bishop was a part of. Bishop plays Pistolero, the leader of the biker gang The Victors. Pistolero along with the rest of his gang hit the road seeking vengeance against rival gang the 666ers. The 666ers are responsible for the death of Pistolero's old lady, Cherokee Kisum. The road to revenge becomes a wild one filled with the 3 B's, convoluted plots, and awesome Spaghetti Western style!

Is Hell Ride a good movie? The quick response is no, it's a very hard movie to watch. Larry Bishop is clearly making a movie he wants to see, and catering to a very particular audience. It wasn't until my third viewing that I really started to get what I was watching. It is a movie that I would never recommend to anyone that has no clue or interest in grindhouse type movies. With that being said, Hell Ride really is the best modern day biker movie I have seen, or care to see.

B+ rating is based on exploitation films Rated R for a reason, watcher beware!!!


Best Grindhouse of 2008


Hell Ride
Sukiyaki Western Django
Death Race

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Best Comedy 2008 - Tropic Thunder: Winner

I have had my fill for the time being, but I must have watched the Tropic Thunder DVD 4 times after I bought it. The more times I watched it the more jokes I picked up on, and laughed harder at the jokes I was already familiar with. The movie is just genius. The talent alone makes this a must see, Stiller, Black, and Downey Jr! Tropic Thunder is a concept that comes from a place that is bizaro world, an action war movie within an movie Hollywood satire. The beginning of the film brilliantly sets the pace for what the viewing audience is in store for. I don't think I ever laughed as hard as I did in a theater than I did during the opening moments of Tropic Thunder. Some of the best spoof/satire stuff I have seen in a lonnnng time.
A Vietnam-war memoir film is being made. The movie is Tropic Thunder and it's early in the shooting, but they're already behind schedule and over budget. In danger of the movie being shutting down, the director takes the cast and crew into the heart of the jungle to really capture the essence of war. When the production is attacked by local guerrilla drug dealers, the cast and crew don't realize these aren't actors who are stocking them. The guerrillas kidnap Tugg Speedman, an actor whose star seems on the decline, and it's up to the rest of the ragtag team to band together long enough to attempt his rescue.
Tropic Thunder is not my favorite comedy rated on laughs(with exception to the fake trailers). I honestly laugh harder with Pineapple Express and Role Models. What makes Tropic Thunder my 'best' pick is weighed on how smart the comedy is. I have enjoyed it more every time I have watched it. My favorite moments in the movie are every moment. It's an A+ and as always enjoy!!!