Sunday, March 2, 2014

Brief Thoughts on The 86th Academy Awards

The 86th Academy Awards are tonight, and like always I cannot help but watch. It's my love of movies that keeps me watching every year. I've made it a tradition ever since OLD COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN won Best Picture.

This year I'm expecting a pretty lack luster show. We know 12 YEARS A SLAVE will be taking home the big prize of the evening. I'm just rooting for GRAVITY and THE WOLF OF WALL STREET to win as many golden boys as possible! Bruce Dern winning an Oscar tonight would be cool too.

I've seen all but two of the Best Picture nominations (PHILOMENA and NEBRASKA), and from what I've seen and heard all the movies are worthy. GRAVITY and THE WOLF OF WALL STREET made me believe in the power of cinema again! THE WOLF OF WALL STREET was my favorite film of last year, so you know who I want to win. Sadly that film will walk away with nothing I'm afraid.

So tonight It looks like the only film worth rooting for is my second favorite film of 2013, GRAVITY. It should have all the technical categories in the bag. The one I'm really counting on is Alfonso Cuaron for Best Director!

Two films that I really think are missing at this years awards show are THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES and MUD. But the real head scratcher is no nomination for Tom Hanks in CAPTAIN PHILLIPS?

Best of luck to all the nominees!