Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The big question on a lot of my readers mind is did I or did I not like this new Transformers movie? The answer is yes, yes I did like the movie, this new film felt very much like Transformers to me. Does the movie have problems, of course but I forgive a lot of them. The movie is getting a lot of hate in the national media and on the Internet. Too much action, too many robots, and not enough substance is in a nutshell what people are screaming bloody murder over. I won't spoil every thing but here is a taste of the anger in a few sentences give or take. Non politically correct stereotype speaking Transformers. Action moving the story instead of long boring dialogue scenes. All the Decepticons looking the same and very hard to tell them apart. Whenever the Transformers fight each other and it's not shown in slow motion it just doesn't look very good at all. All these reasons are very forgivable in my opinion with the exception of the last two.
I do not love TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN, but I was sold from the very start of the picture. It has been two years since the events from the first movie and the Autobots have teamed up with the military to hunt down and destroy any and all Decepticons roaming the planet Earth. The movie could have used about 15 - 20 minutes more of this, but instead the filmmakers show us lots of Sam going to college which is fine because it works and is very funny at times. The humans are still and always will be the main characters, which in the long run really hurts these movies. The filmmakers should realize that what fans really want is a Transformer movie where the robots are the main characters. As long as the future sequels will always have Meagan Fox running slow motion, I will be a happy camper.
The first movie was an origin movie told through the eyes of the humans, so it had a lot of build up and little action dealing with the Transformers. In REVENGE it was not like that at all, in this movie the action moved the plot a lot more than in the first movie.
The plot is simple, a Decepticon named The Fallen wants revenge and is seeking a very power weapon that will harness Energon which in turn will destroy the Earth.
Bottom line is TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN is not a great movie, but had a lot more Transformers fighting each other which made me very happy!