Sunday, September 1, 2013


32 blog entries this year so far! That's pretty good considering my track record in recent years. I've been on a roll and enjoying it quite a bit. Readers have told me they think I'm getting better and I've even met a few new readers this year. That's always encouraging!

Now that summer is over the movie reviews will naturally slow down a bit. For weeks I've been thinking what to do that would make up for decline in new movie reviews. With Halloween approaching blogging about a bunch of my favorite horror movies sounded like a good idea. But something kept telling me no. Telling me no? That's crazy! This month we have a Friday the 13th and to celebrate Warner Home Video is finally releasing on Blu-Ray all the Friday The 13th / Jason movies in one giant box set! I've always wanted to write a retrospective blog on a box set of films. What a perfect time to do it! Again, something kept telling me no.

So what is it! What's telling me no? What's telling me I should be doing something better! Okay. I got it. Back in 2011 I started watching the amazing television show BREAKING BAD. I started watching it thanks to Netflix Instant. Taking my sweet time, because I'm more of a movie guy than television watcher. Long story short I started watching again this year because the series is about to end. Needless to say I got hooked. BREAKING BAD is my favorite thing right now. No joke.

That's what I wanna do next. I'm going to start blogging about BREAKING BAD. Awesome! Pick 10 all time favorite episodes and blog about them. Cool. And like clock work something kept telling me no. No. There is something better, something more productive that you need to do. Something you like doing but do not do nearly enough.

The thing that has been telling me no all this time is my desire to write a screenplay. It's embarrassing how long I've wanted to do this. Waiting for the perfect time and all. Well come to find out there is no such thing as the perfect time.

I have an idea and for a few weeks now I've been writing out a transcript / outline. More than likely my idea is not going to be any good. But that's not the point. Not ever trying has to be worse than failing. So I'm going to give this 100%. The blogging won't ever stop but I won't be turning them out like I did this summer.

Thanks for reading as always,