Friday, December 14, 2007

New Dark Knight Trailer

COX and I finally had the privilege to see the new "Dark Knight" trailer at the beginning of "I Am Legend".
I must say that it looks above and beyond any Batman movie that I have ever seen. It will be the most anticipated movie for me of next year. I think I also speak for Caleb when I say this. I must say that I was worried when I heard that they cast Heath Ledger for the part of the Joker, but after seeing this new trailer, I was VERY impressed!

Here is the highly anticipated new trailer:


The Worley's said...

I agree, H.L. looks to exceed my first expectations. This is going to be a great one.-KW

Caleb Cox & Sam Blaine said...

We agree on this one. Ledger could be the greatest joker thus far.