Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Terminator:TSCC ~Ep.2

What can I say, so far I'm still impressed. Episode 2 is still setting up good momentum. My guess is that it won't be until episodes 3 or 4 that things start to heat up. So far the big thing I like is the balance of drama and action. Last nights episode had the Conner's and Cameron jump to the future ('07) to stop Skynet( the company who makes the robots for the future war), but first they need fake i.d's. Sarah knows somebody who might be able to supply them but it turns out he is retired from the biz. Cameron (the "good" Terminator) knows of another place where they can get what they need. But a Surprise awaits. Good drama, and good action. Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles may have a bright future ahead.

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SammyB said...

I was excited to see this one. I was pleasantly entertained. It kept my attention, and I was ready to for the next scene. This one grabbed and pulled me in even more than the 1st episode. and once again I am ready for that next episode, Episode 3.

The action scenes are great. The suspense is tense. The story is well written. I like the fact that they show the original Terminator from episode 1 in this one, and his little side story of building back(probably one of my favorite parts).

I don't typically get on-board with made for TV stuff, but I am glad that I did with this one. I am also glad that I didn't start into this one late, like most of them. So, if you are reading this, get into it now before it is too late.

Get ready for Episode 3 people. Looks like the Terminator is completely exposed. Full Frontal!