Saturday, February 9, 2008

Grosse Pointe Blank

Rewatch. I own this movie, as I own a few of Cusacks films. I guess I would say that I am a fan.

There is a quality about Cusack that I like. I am not sure exactly what that is. Maybe it is how real he makes his characters. He brings this rare quality to the screen that I think so little do. He is one of the few actors that I could see myself having a conversation with, and genuinely having a great time.

I love that Cusack seems to like to have repeated actors/actresses with him. One of them being his sister Joan Cusack. One of the others being Jeremy Piven. How can one not like Piven? He is awesome. He is such a great supporting role to Cusack.

This film is great. I love the story, it is so original. The soundtrack is sweet, as are most of Cusacks films. Ever seen High Fidelity? if not, you should be taken to the back and........well you know. and if you havent seen Grosse Pointe Blank, then you are in for a treat. It mixes comedy, romance, and action. A great all around flick, even for a date night.

Check it out. I wont ruin it by going any further. But I will say that Minnie Driver is in it, and she is good too.

Just curious, but what is your favorite Cusack Film? I know I have a bunch, but there are also some that I need to see.

This is an A in my book.
Enjoy it, I did.
--Sammy B

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