Thursday, February 21, 2008

Monopoly: The Movie

Uinversal Pictures and Hasbro have made a six year deal to produce at least four feature films based on some of Hasbro's best known board games and toys. Some of the properties include Candy Land, Battleship, Ouija, and Monopoly.
Hasbro is already in negoitations with director Ridley Scott on the Monopoly film.


SammyB said...

saw this on
seems a little messed up...good ole Hollywood.

I am not real sure of what to think about this. What kind of direction are they going with this? what is it going to look like? semi-animated? are we talking "Grinch" & "cat in the hat" here?

when I see feature film? does that mean length or that it is "real" actors?

I will say that this is weird, however, it is a little bit original. "Jumanji"...."Zathura" anyone?

so what's next? "Old Maid", "Uno", "Skip-Bo", "Connect Four".....

Where's the game "Life"?, figured that would be in the mix.

whatever? I am probably putting my foot in my mouth, because if Ridley Scott is involved, it may be really cool.

Caleb Cox & Sam Blaine said...

Not 100% sold on this idea. It worked for Clue in the 80's, so you never know. The idea for a Monopoly movie is the only one I find interesting. I would love to see a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie.