Thursday, March 20, 2008

Doomsday ~Caleb's take

Doomsday is some of my favorite movie's from the 80's, Escape from New York and The Road Warrior blended into a celluloid concoction of pure yummy ness. This film is pure genre movie mayhem. It's a nice feeling seeing a movie directed by someone that clearly loves the same movies that you do. A bad feeling is when someone tells you how un-original the movie was and how it failed to capture the homage to the movies it stole from. First of all, using the "not original" excuse is so lame. Movie's steal from each other all the time, it's what you do with the stolen material that matters. Doomsday is not a great film. Just because Mad Max is still cooler (duh), doesn't mean that Doomsday sucks. When you watch the film it is clear that you are watching homage, not a reinvention. Sorry for the rant.

Doomsday is a lot like last years Grindhouse, it was a visceral experience. The movie is comprised of the best parts of genre films and compacted into one flick. I give Doomsday an A+. Enjoy!!!!!!!! ~Caleb

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