Saturday, April 5, 2008


Watched Top Gun @ The Palace tonight @ 12 Midnight.

I thought I was prepared to watch this one again (as I have probably seen it at least 50 times), but I wasnt. It just seems to get better and better for me each time I watch it.

This film is awesome! I love the fact that I was able to see this in the theater again.
I love the fact that the film looks aged & was even a little scratched here and there. It just looks gritty (not polished), because its just old now. Its hard to believe that this movie came out in 1986. Its flippin 22 years old. and the cool thing is that the story, or wardrobe, or characters, etc havent really aged much. It still is cool in 2008!

No digital here folks, just plain great ole film. and what about that soundtrack?, holy schnikees!

I love Top Gun! Show me your love here with some of your own comments:
- Favorite lines?
- Favorite characters?
- Favorite scenes?
Let me have it cause "I feel the need......



Anonymous said...

theres two o's in goose boys!!

Anonymous said...

Iceman: The plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies room.