Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones in the Fifties

I am going to start this review off by answering the question a lot of you will want to know,where does Crystal Skull rank? For a long time now I have placed Radiers of the Lost Ark as a separate masterpiece from the rest of the series. The 11 year old kid in me ranks Temple of Doom as the best, leaving The Last Crusade as the perfect ending to the series. Doom still has that special place in my heart, Crusade still has that perfect ending, but Crystal Skull is my second fave. 1,4,2,3 is the order for me.
After 19 years since Last Crusade, Spielberg and Lucas can still make an amazing Indiana Jones film. Everything I love about this series is still strong as ever in Crystal Skull. I really enjoy this latest installment and think it's better than just o.k.
In this latest adventure we see an older Indy adjusting to life in the 50's. So long Holy Crusades, hello nuclear age. A young James Dean type seeks the aid of Dr. Jones to help find his mother and old friend, who was a colleague of Indiana. An ancient artifact called the Crystal Skull(s) ties everything together in the fourth film of the classic series. This review is so late that its not even funny. I promise a more in depth review when the DVD comes out. My final word or words is this. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is just equally good and fun as other films in the series. A+. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

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