Monday, December 15, 2008

Let the Right One In

Being a kid can sometimes be rough. It can especially be rough if you are a 12-year boy who has an awkward time dealing with bullies at school. Meet Oskar, a melancholy young man whom while waiting for the undivided attention from his estranged parents, spends his time play-acting. Oskar seems to be fascinated with violence. He cuts out news reports of recent crimes and deaths. Outside of his apartment he makes believes getting revenge on the bully’s who torment him at school. One night while playing outside, he meets his new next-door neighbor Eli (pronounced Ell-ie). The two quickly bond over a Rubik's Cube. Something is mysterious about Eli, she doesn’t go to school, her age is 'something' like 12, she smells funny, and the bitter winter cold does not bother her at all. To make the relationship more complex, Eli is a vampire. Even though 'Let the Right One In' is 100% more of a vampire movie than 'Twilight', it's deep down a coming of age love story. Make no mistake; while the movie is about friendship and love, it's also a moody gruesome horror tale. It is also one of the greatest vampire movies to come along in awhile.

To help keep her secret safe, Eli has a father figure named Hakan helps her feed by collecting blood at night. This is one of the many dark humor elements in the movie. He is not very good at getting food for Eli. It is quite funny but quite twisted, poor guy. Frustrated by Hakan, Eli goes out one night to get something to eat herself. If you want something done right, you got to do it yourself. Eli proves to be just as sloppy herself; she gets spotted while sucking the blood of her victim.

Oskar and Eli both help each other out by dealing with bullies and trying to skip out of town before the townspeople catch a vampire. One of my favorite horror movies of the year 'Let the Right One In' gets an A-. Enjoy!!!


JonnyA said...

Where can I see this? Can it be rented or is it in a theater?

Caleb Cox & Sam Blaine said...

I have a bootleg copy of it. The Moxie may show it next month. Sam wants to see it, so maybe you could join us at a movie night and we can watch it?

Caleb Cox & Sam Blaine said...

I have no idea what is up with the &amp?