Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best Comedy of 2008 - 1st Runner Up: Pineapple Express

Best movie lists are subjective, especially when it comes to Best, or favorite comedy lists. Everyone doesn't have the same tastes in comedies, and you can't convince someone that something is funny, if they don't feel the same way. Two great examples are the television show 'The Office' and the movie 'Napoleon Dynamite'. Either you get it or you don't.
2008 had a lot of great comedies and some not so great (The Love Guru, The Rocker). Comedies can be a weird thing, they have two purposes, to entertain us and make us laugh. I don't own most comedies, because most are disposable, I see them and leave my laughter in the theater. The best example that comes to mind is 'The Animal', is that really worth owning? I see most comedies like this. The last Adam Sandler movie I would consider worth owning is 'The Wedding Singer'. '...Zohan' is his best since his Hollywood prime.
My top five comedies of last year really blew my mind, it's hard to say what was my favorite. The two movies that stand out above the rest were 'Pineapple Express' and 'Tropic Thunder'. Both movies reminded me of my favorite comedy of '07, 'Hot Fuzz'.
The concept behind 'Pineapple Express' alone is comedic genius. Imagine Cheech & Chong in a Jerry Bruckheimer/Michael Bay action movie, that's 'Pineapple Express'!
Lazy court-process clerk and stoner Dale Denton has only one reason to visit his equally lazy dealer Saul Silver: to purchase weed, specifically, a rare new strain called Pineapple Express. But when Dale becomes the only witness to a murder by a crooked cop and the city's most dangerous drug lord, he panics and dumps his roach of Pineapple Express at the scene. Dale now has another reason to visit Saul: to find out if the weed is so rare that it can be traced back to him--and it is. As Dale and Saul run for their lives, they quickly discover that they're not suffering from weed-fueled paranoia: incredibly, the bad guys really are hot on their trail and trying to figure out the fastest way to kill them both.
The cast is so good in this, Seth Rogan who plays Dale is quickly becoming one of my favorite comedic actors these past few years. He has the slacker character down to an art, just watch 'Knocked Up' to see for yourself. Then came Saul Silver, man James Franco rocks in this! I want to see Franco in more comedies, period. He is an amazing actor and his performance in this is a must see. Mentioning the amazing cast would not be complete with out talking about the master of improve himself, Danny R. McBride. This guy will leave you in stitches, he just plays off wonderfully with the other actors. Every time he appeared on the gag reel or line o rama, it had me laughing out loud.
Fun to be had by all, It's an A+ for 'Pineapple Express', and as always Enjoy!!!

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