Saturday, January 10, 2009

Best Comic Book Movie - 1st Runner Up: Hellboy II:The Golden Army

My runner up for best action movie, is one that you may have missed out on, or didn't even know it came out. Hellboy II was one of my favorite films to come out in the jammed packed Summer of movies. It found it's audience, but came and went with barely a mention. As you are reading this, some may be wondering who or what is Hellboy? A demon whose true name is Anung Un Rama (the Beast of the Apocalypse), Hellboy was brought to Earth as an infant by Nazi occultists. He was discovered by the Allied Forces; amongst them, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, who formed the United States Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD). In time Hellboy grew to be a large, red-skinned demon with a tail, horns (which he files off, leaving behind the signature circular stumps on his forehead, to make his appearance more "normal"), and an oversized right hand made of stone. He has been described as smelling of dry-roasted peanuts. Although a bit gruff, he shows none of the malevolence thought to be intrinsic to demons, and works with other strange creatures in the BPRD. This is said to be because of his upbringing under Professor Bruttenholm, who raised him as a normal boy and taught him how to behave normally. This is a reference to the nature versus nurture debate. Hellboy has been dubbed the "World's Greatest Paranormal Investigator".

In 2004 Guillermo del Toro co-wrote and directed a film adaptation of Hellboy.
The film starred Ron Perlman as Hellboy (the favorite of both del Toro and Mignola for the role), Selma Blair as Liz Sherman, Rupert Evans as FBI Special Agent John Myers (a character created for the film), John Hurt as Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, Doug Jones as Abe Sapien (voiced by an uncredited David Hyde Pierce), Karel Roden as Grigori Rasputin, and Jeffrey Tambor as FBI Senior Special Agent Tom Manning. The film received generally positive reviews, and a fair performance at the box office. The movie was good but not great; however, Ron Perlman was and still is awesome as Hellboy.

Hellboy II took the myth and imagination from the first film and multiplied it by a thousand. Hellboy II finds our character fighting an evil elf in search of The Golden Army, a deadly group of fighting machines that can destroy the human race. As Hell on Earth is ready to erupt, Hellboy and his crew set out to defeat the evil prince before The Golden Army can destroy humanity's existence.

Del Toro has created a wonderful world of normal and fantastic living together. The production design in the movie is too good to be true. The troll market scene alone will leave you stunned. Every good comic book movie always has a memorable villain and Prince Nuara does not disappoint. Once again our main hero does the job well. Perlman was just born to play Hellboy. Everything about this movie just rocks.

A+ Enjoy and have a blast!

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