Saturday, February 7, 2009

Best Horror 2008 - 1st Runner Up: Rogue

One of the most anticipated movies for me last year was the Australian creature feature Rogue. The only disappointment was that the movie became a DTV (Direct to Video) release. This made me very nervous, thinking that the movie very well may suck. Turns out that Rogue in fact does not suck. In the age of the multiplex and the price gouging of ticket prices, Hollywood can't or won't take chances on movies like this. I guess Hollywood knows what they are doing, just look at Paul Bart: Mall Cop?

I am glad to say that Rogue is finding an audience! I bought my copy at a second hand DVD shop, and until recently it was a hot item. I took the movie over the other half of catchaflicks house to watch on his birthday. His response was overwhelming, I think he likes it more than I do. Rogue could very well be Sam's favorite movie of last year. It took him awhile to find it on DVD, but he did and bought extras for Christmas presents!

An Australian wildlife cruise turns bad when the tourists become hunted by a man-eating crocodile! The tour captain investigates a distress flair before returning to land. The boat gets damaged by the croc and the tour party become stranded on a tiny bit of land in the river. They must quickly decide a plan of action before it's too late. With the river having a rising tide, the group decide to trap the crocodile and quickly try to escape. Nothing ever goes to plan and the beast can't be fooled to long. The croc takes the tour guide to it's lair to feast on latter. Does our hero, the wildlife tour travel writer save her in time? You have to watch it to find out.

Rogue is truly a sight to see, the camera work capturing the Outback is absolutely breathtaking. Some of these areas have never been filmed. I believe this is Sam's favorite aspect of the movie. I love that and the amazing creature feature suspense/horror. A+. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!


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