Saturday, May 8, 2010


I knew that IRON MAN 2 was going to be good if not great but this movie superseded all my expectations. Plus there was only two AC/DC songs which was a good thing, I was worried every song in the movie was going to be from the bad boys from down under. So many good things to say that I don't know where to begin? First let me say that MARVEL STUDIOS is quickly becoming the studio for comic book movies. I've been very impressed with what they have done so far that I believe THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA, and THE AVENGERS will be just as good as the Iron Man movies, oh and that new Hulk one as well.

IRON MAN is one of my top five comic book movies and it's sequel is as well. Back in the day when I read comics Iron Man wasn't one of the titles I read. I knew about him and liked the character it's just that I didn't read the series. I am more of a fan of the films.

The first thing that makes these movies great is Robert Downey Jr. (let's stop referring him as RDJ please). I don't know nor care how Tony Stark is like in the comics, I like the character Downey Jr. has created. The second thing is small but I just think that it's super cool and that is the Marvel Universe continuity. Once all the other movies I've mentioned come out it will be all that much cooler. Lastly everything else falls into place nicely; humor, great comic book action, the suits, and of course special effects.

There is a lot to explain but I don't want to ruin anything so my explanation will be brief. It's been six months since the events of the first film and Tony has proclaimed world peace but the U.S government thinks otherwise and wants Mr. Stark to hand over the Iron Man or “weapon” as they like to call it. Tony won't give them the pleasure so to make matters worse Justin Hammer of Hammer Industries helps the government by applying more pressure. To make matters worse a mean Russian bad ass engineer that has a grudge on the Stark family creates a suit using similar technology from Stark Industries and makes some wicked looking electrical whips. I know you may be thinking but these whips are awesome! To make matters worse Tony is dying. A element that is keeping him alive is also making him deathly sick. He doesn't have much time left. The short of it is Justin Hammer hires the Russian Whiplash to make him an army of Iron Men that would put Stark out of business. During which Whiplash is planning his own revenge. War Machine is born ( I smell a spin off). Nick Furry and Black Widow tell Tony more about the Avengers. I think I told you enough without giving to much away.

What makes this movie great is everything that made the first one awesome but just multiply that and you get IRON MAN 2. More action, more laughs, War Machine, did I mention more laughs, and the new Iron Man suit at the end is killer! Start the summer of right and see this movie!

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