Sunday, September 23, 2012


RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION is the best film in the series thus far! That's saying a lot seeing as I really did not connect with the last one RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE. This may sound strange because you could argue that these films are all just more of the same and I'd say you're right; however,sometimes there is not accounting for taste and with RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION I just 'got it' and with RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE I did not.

Say what you will about director Paul W.S. Anderson but I think he's a great filmmaker. He loves movies and you can get a sense of that in his films and I like that a lot. With a smile on my face I consider him one of the best modern day (meaning he doesn't make his stuff look 70's) exploitation/genre filmmakers working today. I highly recommend his THE THREE MUSKETEERS from last year very entertaining film!

So last time we left off with Alice fighting off a bunch of zombies and Umbrella Corp. infantry. This latest installment picks up exactly where that firefight left off and Alice gets captured. The Umbrella Corp. has Alice locked away in a massive underground complex. It is here that the evil corporation run sinister tests involving their T-Virus. Someone from the inside wants Alice free and to help her she gets aid from a team of mercenaries, but they must fight and survive long enough to escape before time runs out!

More of the same but the action is a lot better and I had a lot more fun with what was going on in this installment. I won't get into it but because of cloning Michelle Rodriguez's character Rain is back. Now I've always considered Milla Jovovich today's equivalent of Pam Grier but honestly that title really goes to Michelle Rodriguez. She rocks in this!

The rescue squad of mercenaries were awesome especially since one of them was played by one of today's coolest character actors Kevin Durand!

I mentioned earlier how director Paul W.S. Anderson is a genre filmmaker and during the big action packed escape scene I could not help but think that this is his ALIENS movie. It has some similar action beats and emotional ones as well with the Alice character. Paul W.S Anderson understands what he does and he does it well.

RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION gets a strong recommendation from me especially if you like action movies.

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