Sunday, September 2, 2012


SEEKING EMPLOYMENT is the newest paycheck for Nicolas Cage. The movie seems a tad phoned in. If Nicolas Cage and Guy Pearce weren't attached to this the movie would probably be a Lifetime Channel original presentation.

Cage plays Will Gerard a high school English teacher, whose wife gets raped. At the hospital he meets Simon who tells Will that his wife's attacker can be “taken care of” just as long as Will does him a “favor” in return at any given time. Will declines the offer at first but his emotions get the better of him and he agrees. Six months pass and it's time for Will to fulfill his end of the bargain but when it involves killing a man he chooses not to do it.

The pressures of Simon and his vigilante organization become too great for Will that he decides to go through with it. What happens next is the unraveling of a conspiracy that involves the police, a journalist, and far too many people Will can or cannot trust.

This movie sucks or more specifically the plot hole ridden script sucks! Director Roger Donaldson is very talented at making several scenes suspenseful that otherwise sound completely retarded on paper. The movie very much feels like one of those dime a dozen crime fiction novels they sell at the grocery store, you know the kind that make better C.S.I television episodes than a 239 page book or vice versa.

Say what you will about Nic Cage's (most have written him off but I'm still a fan mostly) acting, but in SEEKING JUSTICE he sells the entire performance. When I should be laughing at how mediocre the plot is unfolding I am engaged with what's happening because Nicolas Cage is working his butt off playing Will Gerard.

Good direction and at least two solid performances mixed with cheep production and a lazy if not terrible script make SEEKING JUSTICE a non recommendation.

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