Monday, May 20, 2013


WARNING! MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD! I love these new Star Trek re-imagining/alternate time line films!  With that being said, the newest film STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS is guilty of some lazy insulting fan service pandering.  First off, the big secret reveal of the villain  failed miserably. Benedict Cumberbatch is an amazing actor and played an awesome bad guy; however, once it's revealed he is Kahn and not “John Harrison” the character quickly becomes insulting lip service to fans. Very anti-climatic if you ask me.

For a moment after this "shocking" reveal, I thought to myself that director J.J. is better than this.  I am of the opinion that J.J. Abrams more than likely has the clout to have final cut.  This Khan business smells like it's straight from corporate if you ask me.  Paramount probably gave J.J and his writing team creative control with the exception of one thing, that the sequel must deal with Khan.  The build up and months of speculation on who exactly the villain of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS was going to be just fell flat.

With what Cumberbatch brings to the character John Harrison could have been a interesting addition to the rogues gallery for the parallel Star Trek universe, but instead we now have a pointless re imagined Kahn. The marketing department should look at how IRON MAN 3 kept it's "big reveal" under wraps when promotion gets under way for Star Trek 3.

Trust me, I really liked this movie just let me get one other thing off my chest.

So with Kahn being the big bad of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS one would assume the movie is going to turn into a STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KAHN remake right?  Sort of. You see, the new film is more of a re imaging of the episode 'Space Seed' from the original series than it is a remake of STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KAHN. With the exception of some similar dialogue and scenes, one scene in particular that takes advantage of the parallel universe juxtaposition by switching roles in a death. It was actually a great scene and very moving, but took it to far by giving Spock the famous Kahn yell. I'll admit this is all sounding nit picky and to be honest it is and I'm normally not that kind of movie watcher. These two issues just frustrate me as being lazy and will suffice for Johnny-come-lately geek is sheik “movie geeks”. Case in point, the audience went way too crazy excited when John Harrison revealed he was Kahn. Really? Must be the same people that think EMPIRE STRIKES BACK is the most boringest one?

  The crew of the U.S.S Enterprise return after a daring mission saving an alien race from a volcano that would wipe them out. The mission did not go as planed. They save the alien race but not without breaking the Prime Directive. Captain Kirk looses the Enterprise and ordered back to Starfleet Academy. First officer Spock is reassigned to another ship. Days later San Fransisco/Starfleet HQ falls victim to a terrorist bombing. Head Starfleet personnel hold a meeting to find out who is responsible. Their proof leads them to a member of some secret black ops squad (I'm not 100% on that) that goes by the name of John Harrison who is hiding out on the Klingon home world Kronos . Out of revenge Kirk volunteers to take the Enterprise and her crew to go get this murderous bastard. Starfleet accepts this request but are they telling Kirk and his crew everything? Will Kirk take the high road and do the right thing even if it costs him something? With a moderate recommendation I say go see STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS to find out!

Like a good sequel it jumps right into the action and doesn't stop. I forgot how much I have missed these characters so it was fun to see J.J. and his team give them another fun and exciting adventure. This alternate time line Star Trek really caters to me, the Star Wars kid.

With J.J. Abrams directing the new Star Wars movie, what is to become of STAR TREK 3? How far are they going to go with the alternate time line? Before they run it into the ground I'd be happy with one epic feature film exploring the five year mission. They could toy with time travel to correct the alternate time line? I love what Abrams has done with breathing new life into the film franchise but without going completely backwards maybe it's time to hire a director that loves Star Trek like J.J. Loves Star Wars!

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