Thursday, August 29, 2013


As of now THE WORLD'S END is my third favorite of the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy. As with the other films, it happily deems multiple viewings. The writing team of Edgar and Simon have a real knack for that. I love how they cram their scripts with jokes galore. Just the other day I had a movie night and we watched HOT FUZZ because a friend had never seen it before who was with us for THE WORLD'S END. This would have been about number 10 for me and I was still laughing hysterically and catching a few new jokes here and there.

THE WORLD'S END seems like Edgar Wright's most personal film in the trilogy. It certainly was for me. I can relate a little bit to the film. 36 years old and still single with all of your closest buds married off with their careers in full swing. So yeah in a way I can sympathize with good ole Gary King.

20 years after attempting a pub crawl called the Golden Mile, 5 childhood friends reunite when one of them is bound and determined to conquer the drinking marathon. Gary King, a 40 year old trapped by the nostalgia of his teenage glory days begs and manipulates his friends into finishing what they started many years ago. Feeling sorry for their friend that never grew up they all arrive one by one and to the Golden Mile they go.

Gary cannot be more happier to have his friends back reliving the glory days, or at least trying too. The “Five Musketeers” all catch up with each other. During the trip down memory lane it's evident that not everything is the same. Not only has Gary's friends changed but the town has as well. Strange observations galore until the ultimate reveal, a confrontation in the Gents' restroom which leads to an all out kung-fu style fight with robots. The friends are all shocked and don't know what to do. They all agree just to play it cool and try not to draw anymore attention and get out of town after they finish the golden mile at The World's End. Easier said than done I'm afraid.

The night just gets more crazy and THE WORLD'S END rocks! This film is probably the funniest of the trilogy, a couple more viewings are in order to be sure. I really dig how the film spoke to me. Hidden among the pub crawl drunkenness, robots, kung-fu, and wrestling moves is sadness. Being nostalgic and always looking back at your past can be dangerous. Being nostalgic has its fun benefits from time to time but it can also be a poison.

Finding maturity without losing your dreams and youthful streak. This is the biggest thing I got out of THE WORLD'S END.

I cannot wait to watch the trilogy back to back! Watching HOT FUZZ the other night refreshed my memory just on how much the three films complement each other stylistically. Glorious movie nights lay ahead!

With THE WORLD'S END making the trilogy complete I'm sure the working relationship of Wright, Pegg, and Frost will be quiet for several years. But I'm a fan of all their work and happily await Edgar's ANT MAN and whatever projects Simon and Nick have next! THE WORLD'S END is highly recommended which comes as no surprise. In my opinion director Edger Wright is 4 – 0 and continues to be one of my favorite filmmakers working today!

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