Saturday, February 13, 2016


There is something wonderful happening at the box office this weekend. The weekend of Valentine's Day 2016. A Hard R comic book movie is making major bank! And the best part is, the movie is actually pretty darn great. The cherry on top is because of the success of DEADPOOL, we could get a sub-genre of Hard R mutant superhero movies, like X-FORCE!

They say third times a charm, and actor Ryan Reynolds has finally hit superhero gold. And for those keeping score, I'm not counting BLADE TRINITY. But thanks for playing! I had low expectations with DEADPOOL. Something about the marketing and fan anticipation bothered me. Guess I'm getting too old to get excited for dick and fart jokes? Nah, that's a lie. But the constant reminding that the movie is going to be raunchy got old real fast.

Ryan Reynolds plays ex-Special Forces Wade Wilson, a low life scumbag, who goes after worse low life scumbags. One day he meets Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) his soul mate. They fall in love and get engaged. Shortly thereafter, Wade gets diagnosed with cancer. A lot of cancer. Low on hope for a cure, Wade opts for a rouge treatment. The experiment gets rid of the cancer and leaves him with accelerated healing powers, but also disfigures his whole body.

Vowing revenge on the ones who left him this way, Wade Wilson becomes Deadpool, the merc with a mouth.

To give a fresh spin on the tiresome origin story that every comic book movie does nowadays, DEADPOOL changes it up a couple of different ways. For starters, the source material is known for being meta and the movie wastes no time with it's main character constantly breaking the 4th wall. This sounds like it could get old, but trust me it doesn't. I cannot tell you enough how great this aspect of the movie is!

Secondly, DEADPOOL is told non-liner. We start in the middle with that awesome freeway action scene you've all seen in the trailers. Don't worry, the previews haven't spoiled a thing! In-between the action on the freeway we are shown how Wade and Vanessa meet and fall in love. Deadpool has his target dead to rights, but Colossus of the X-Men ruins the chances of that. Wounded, Wade tells us the rest of his origin while he heals. So it's middle, beginning, and finally epic conclusion!

These two aspects brought a uniqueness to the film that I enjoyed quite a bit. I'm happy that I chose to see DEADPOOL. And I hope to see great things because of it's success, like edgier comic book movies. Particularity of a mainstream nature. My dream would be if Marvel Studios had a go with some R rated comic book movies! But we know that would never happen. At least we are getting some great Marvel Knights type material with the Netflix television shows!

My only complaint about the DEADPOOL movie was the portrayal of X-Men's Colossus. It's not that I thought the movie got the character all wrong, it's just the character felt rushed and could have been better. His sidekick, Negasonic Teenage Warhead on the other hand was awesome!

If you like your comic book movies with a little more KICK ASS and less X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, then I highly recommend DEADPOOL.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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