Thursday, June 30, 2016


Is BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Ultimate Edition worth seeing? If you're a fan of the theatrical release then yes, the Ultimate Edition is mandatory viewing. Trust me, you'll never watch the cut shown in theaters ever again. If you hated the movie; I'm sorry, the 3 hour version will not sway you're opinion.

The Ultimate Edition of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is a better movie than the theatrical release. The first thing you'll notice is that the sub plots are a little better to understand. Especially the ordeal in Africa. The added scenes help big time; however, Superman being framed for the death of those people is still a little dumb.

Besides a lot of extended Batman stuff, I also really liked the added scenes of Clark Kent doing some investigative reporting in Gotham City concerning the vigilante. It made for a more dramatic build up to their fight.

My biggest disappointment of the Ultimate Edition was none of the stuff I hoped and wished for were in the movie at all! I would have put money down that we'd see a Robin flashback for sure. And with Jenna Malone's role added back in, for sure I thought there would be a “killing joke” of a Barbra Gordon scene! Wrong.

As for the “R rating” the only things they added were a F-bomb and some extended fight scenes and gun play.

For a 3 hour run time the film seems to run smoother than the theatrical version did. While still overstuffed, I like the pace of the Ultimate Edition.

I mentioned it in my original review and I'll say it again. When they bring Superman back in JUSTICE LEAGUE I want him to be different. It'd be a perfect time for the character to be the boy scout hero, like the Christoper Reeves Superman. But we'll probably get a INJUSTICE version of Kal-El instead.

In closing, the Ultimate Edition cut of the film (the director's original cut) is a better movie. But time will tell if it holds up once the DC Cinematic Universe starts rolling full steam?

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