Sunday, October 30, 2016


JEEPERS CREEPERS is an awkward film to talk about. This is one of those judge the art and not the artist scenarios. For those that don't know, the writer and director of the movie did a bad bad thing. Look it up if you desire because we're not here to talk about that, we're here to talk about his film.

Released in 2001, JEEPERS CREEPERS seemed to come out of nowhere and became a semi-cult hit.

I don't recall seeing any previews for the film in the theater or on television? The first I'd heard about JEEPERS CREEPERS was from a friend of mine. He told me what the film was about and let me read all about it in one of his Fangoria magazines. With the admiration of my friends enthusiasm and the magazine article, I was on board!

It may have been 16 years since I saw JEEPERS CREEPERS at the theater, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. Yeah, it was one of those experiences. The showing wasn't sold out, but I'd say it was about half full? I remember the movie starting off great, but there was a vibe among the audience that people's patience was wearing thin. There were a few too many “smarter than the movie” type of moviegoers in attendance that night.

To be fair JEEPERS CREEPERS is far from a perfect movie, and the film does require a lot of suspension of disbelief.

Driving home for Spring Break a brother and sister are taking the scenic route to visit their mom. On the road they encounter a scary truck (something out of a Mad Max movie) that nearly runs them off the road. After a terrible fright, things settle back down. But later on they see the truck again, this time at a house and someone is dumping what looks like bodies down a huge pipe. They get caught spying and the truck starts chasing them. Once again they are run off the road with the truck driving away. You'd think the guy would get out of the truck and “take care of them” for spying?

Curious about what was being tossed down the pipe, Trish and Darry go back to the house and investigate. After a gruesome discovery underneath the house (which upon a closer look was a church) the siblings high tale it to the nearest town and call the police. But it's too late as we find out that the truck and it's mysterious driver are stalking them!

The encounters start to become weirder and weirder as it become revealed that the mysterious driver is some sort of winged creature, a gargoyle if you will. It was around this point in the film, that a lot of the audience was having no more to do with this movie. I on the other hand was enjoying the film quite a bit! JEEPERS CREEPERS does have it's fair share of weak spots, but overall it's a pretty great creature feature.

When the movie was over you could tell people we're pissed. I especially loved the couple trying to get their money back. My advice to moviegoers like them is to suck it up! Go to a coffee shop order some pie and have a good laugh about what you saw.

In conclusion, I recommend JEEPERS CREEPERS. This Halloween make it apart of your scary movie marathon.

Happy Halloween!!

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