Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I'm a Lloyd Dobler. Unfortunately, I'm a terrible Lloyd Dobler.

SAY ANYTHING is probably my favorite Comedy Romance movie. There was a time in my life where I identified with it the moment I watched it! The noble underachiever trying to woo the prettiest girl in school. Hanging up the phone multiple times before even dialing one digit. Kickboxing the air after she says yes on the phone. Being a fly on the wall at the party you take her to, just to make sure she's having a good time. While my story is different than Lloyd's, I can relate to all of these things!

The one thing I should have done is blast Peter Gabriel from a boom box while standing in a front yard! Okay, not literally but something bad ass romantic along those lines.

As you can probably guess I am a romantic. And it's probably not a good thing. Why? Because I get my ideas from movies. It's a good thing that I'm too much of a realist to know the crap from the movies don't work. And if it ever did, I should be mindful of the woman I just won over?

Enough about me, let's get back to the wonderful and warm hearted romantic comedy SAY ANYTHING.

Watching the film with older eyes the thing I like most about SAY ANYTHING is how honest the movie is. It feels genuine and not just full of fairy tale fluff. For once (it seems) the guy is after a girl for her smarts and because she's interesting. The fact that Diane is also very pretty is the cherry on top.

Unfortunately Lloyd has a very steep hill to climb because a underachiever and class valedictorian don't mix well. But Diane gives Lloyd a shot because she can see the honesty in him. They become boyfriend and girlfriend and fall in love. When it's time to meet the parents, that's when things get ugly.

Diane's father disapproves of Lloyd, and what parent of a valedictorian wouldn't? Her dad being a overprotected parent doesn't help matters much either. There is some family drama, turns out dad has been a little hypocritical with the father daughter pact of trusting one another. Due to the stress of this, Diane ends things with Lloyd. Cue the bad ass boom box scene!

I won't spoil the ending but of course Lloyd and Diana get back together. The way the events play out is still great to this day, and doesn't feel like rom com fluff.

Why I love this movie:

1. The boom box scene! What everyone remembers the most about SAY ANYTHING, and I couldn't agree more.

2. Writer/Director Cameron Crowe

3. Amazing talented cast.

4. SAY ANYTHING is a romantic comedy/drama that feels real.

5. Lloyd Dobler has excellent taste in women.

In conclusion, I highly recommend SAY ANYTHING. This Valentine's Day snuggle up with your significant other and rent or buy this classic.

I have a few more treats for ya coming soon. Happy Valentine's Day!!

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