Sunday, February 12, 2017


The timeline is hazy when I first saw the film TRUE ROMANCE? I turn 40 next month so it's probably only going to get worse. But seriously, I really think I rented the VHS before I even knew who Quentin Tarantino was! TRUE ROMANCE is a 1993 film written by Tarantino and directed by the late Tony Scott. And make no mistake it is a Tony Scott film, but any cinephile knows that TRUE ROMANCE is set in the Tarantino universe.

My fondest memory of TRUE ROMANCE is when I rented the DVD. We had just got our first DVD player and the movie was a free rental. With it being Rated R I was going to watch it on my day off while my parents were at work. Turns out the disc would not play due to an excessive amount of fingerprints.

Later that day my dad assisted me in cleaning the DVD. Silly me had forgotten just how lurid the language was in the opening scene (I actually thought said scene was later on in the film) of the movie. Before I realized what was happening, the movie still dirty, skipped to some "locker room" talk. To make matters worse, my mom was in the room. The look on my dads face was priceless! I dug myself out of a hole that day I can tell you!

Runaway lovers Clarence and Alabama play a dangerous game when they come into possession of a suitcase full of cocaine. They set off to sunny Los Angeles in hopes of selling the contraband and begin a new life. Hot on their trail is both sides of the law who have other ideas

The film is still known to this day for it's great ensemble cast, hip-wit dialogue, and stylized direction. It is probably my favorite Tony Scott film and it contains one of my all time favorite scenes written by Quentin Tarantino. For those that must know, it's the infamous monologue between Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken. Check it out on YouTube (NSFW), but you should just really watch the movie.

I love so much how Tarantino considers this a romantic comedy. I like also how he corrects people who ask him if he'd ever consider making a romantic film. And lastly, I love most of all that the main character Clarence (Christian Slater) is a fictional version of Quentin himself!

All of this love for TRUE ROMANCE came later, because like I mentioned earlier, I had no idea who wrote the film when I first saw it. My initial interest in TRUE ROMANCE was because of the films star. I was a fan of both GLEAMING THE CUBE and PUMP UP THE VOLUME, so naturally I was interested in TRUE ROMANCE.

I instantly thought the film was very cool! Here we have a main character who loves movies and works in a comic book store! As a teenager I always wanted to work in a comic book store or video store. So I kinda identified with Clarence a little bit. I just don't think the voice of my conscious would be Elvis (no disrespect).

Let's put the films hip-wit aside for a brief moment and marvel how gorgeous TRUE ROMANCE looks. I love how Tony Scott overuses the 'Magic Hour Shot' in all of his movies! Also, nobody shoots a smokey room like Tony does! Man, I miss him.

If you were to watch TRUE ROMANCE today, there is no denying Tarantino wrote it. No denying! It's his universe. The events of PULP FICTION could take place the same day Clarence and Alabama arrive in L.A. And if you want to get real nerdy, TRUE ROMANCE takes place before RESERVOIR DOGS.

With me being the Quentin Tarantino fan that I am, some of you might be wondering if I wish he had directed TRUE ROMANCE? The answer is no. I love Tony Scott's style and what he brought to the film. I can guess, but we'll never be sure what TRUE ROMANCE would've looked like if Tarantino had directed it?

In conclusion, I recommend TRUE ROMANCE. if you like a good pulp romantic comedy. If anything, folks should get a kick out of the ensemble cast. Look for James Gandolfini and a young Brad Pitt.

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