Tuesday, June 6, 2017


One thing that I think is really cool about PROMETHEUS and it's sequel ALIEN: COVENANT is that director Ridley Scott is going for something different, and just not doing the typical prequel formula. Unfortunately, I'm sure it's only a matter of time (the next film) before producers and the studio mandates that Scott's new space-horror trilogy connect with his 1979 masterpiece.

Back in 2012, I was one of the crazy few that really liked PROMETHEUS. My peers really gave me crap for liking it, so I just kept my opinion to myself. There was a lot of dumb decisions and actions being made by so called scientists in the movie. We're talking some real stupid stuff! But despite all that, I loved how gorgeous the film looked! The production design was insane! I couldn't wait to buy the movie on blu-ray and wallow in it. In one scene there is this beautiful mural of the Xenomorphs, I wanted to study it for hours. The music, oh man, the PROMETHEUS score is so great! I'm glad to hear a slight return in the new movie.

In addition to all the dumb actions made by "smart" characters I think another thing audiences hated about PROMETHEUS was that there was no literal connection to ALIEN. There was this expectation of the origin of the Xenomorph. Instead we got something different, and far more interesting. Our favorite Space-Bug is there, just a little different. I had read recently that Ridley Scott thought that the Xenomorph was dead and old hat. He wanted to scare audiences with new horrors from the same universe. Turned out he was wrong. Some fans just want the same McDonalds double cheeseburger every damn time.

Now, I'm going to give some fans the benefit of the doubt and agree that some are valid in their distaste of PROMETHEUS. The main problem with prequels is that not everything needs explaining. Or as J.J. Abrams likes to put it, "you don't have to open the box of magic tricks". And I stand by those who believe that audiences don't need to know where the Space Jockey/Engineer or Xenomorphs came from? All we need to know is that they are not nice and must not reach Earth.

Scott tried something new with PROMETHEUS by showing us a different kind of Xenomorph. I was on board with this, the majority we're not. In fact, apparently audiences we're so disappointed that Ridley Scott himself apologized and promised the return of the Xenomorph in the next film.

ALIEN: COVENANT is a PROMETHEUS sequel first and ALIEN prequel last.

We start with what looks like "birth" of the android David. His creator Peter Weyland giving him tasks as if he's testing David for the first time. David is told to play something on the piano and his selection disappoints Weyland. He comments that without an orchestra David's selection is rather bland. It's very subtle but David takes it personally and in my opinion is the catalyst of this new trilogy. David is an android who wants to be god because he's felt slighted by his father.

10 years after PROMETHEUS and probably 30 years before ALIEN, the crew of the Covenant are on a colonization mission to find a new planet. Some kind of solar blast interrupts the ship and the crew must repair damages. Afterwards, the Covenant receives a signal from planet that is habitat.

Almost immediately the idea of visiting the planet is a bad idea. Two crew members get infected with some spores and a creature bursts out of them shortly after. Getting their butts handed to them by the creatures, a mysterious figure rescues them. It is David, the only surviving member of the Prometheus. But are the remaining crew of the Covenant really safe?

I really can't go into more detail than that without major spoilers. But, I will say that my favorite scenes in the film were between Warren (the new android) and David. Both characters played by Michael Fassbender, and it's amazing. Their interaction reminded me a lot of BLADE RUNNER, another Ridley Scott film.

Just like with PROMETHEUS I loved the look of ALIEN:COVENANT. I'm really digging these films I think!

When everybody's favorite Xenomorph shows up is really the weakest part of the movie, but that's just me. The aliens of the franchise aren't that scary anymore. Yes, they are still cool but not scary, ALIEN 3 was probably the last time? It was nice to see a proper return of the Xenomorph but it quickly became been-there-done-that.

In conclusion, I recommend ALIEN: COVENANT to fans of PROMETHEUS. But, if you hated PROMETHEUS and are a fan of the Alien franchise, I say go ahead and give the film a shot.

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