Sunday, July 2, 2017


Well, I think I've seen my favorite film of 2017! It comes as no real big surprise, because writer/director Edgar Wright is 5-0 in my book! All of his movies have been my favorite films of the year, except for one. THE SOCIAL NETWORK beat SCOTT PILGRM VS. THE WORLD in 2010.

This post/review of BABY DRIVER is a little late than I like, based on the simple fact that I want to watch the film a second and even third time (I've seen the movie twice now). That's one of the many aspects that I love about Edgar Wright's films, they demand multiple viewings! Not because they are hard to follow, but because they are so fun to watch! I am still catching jokes or seeing something new whenever I watch one of his movies. For the past few weeks I have been rewatching his filmography and I ended up watching THE WORLD'S END twice!

With his new film BABY DRIVER I did but didn't know what to expect? The reason I rewatched all of his movies before seeing this new one was because I wanted to get in the mind space of Wright. And I'm glad I did it! I was ready for BABY DRIVER!

A few days before the film released to theaters the soundtrack came out. Looking at the track list I marveled at the eclectic choice of songs. I almost bought the record, but I wanted the movie to be the first time I heard the music. The songs and music in BABY DRIVER are so good! It gives both GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY soundtracks a run for their money; okay, the second one at least?

The music and songs are practically a main character in BABY DRIVER, simply because our main character Baby (spelled B-A-B-Y) needs the music. It's his security blanket. As a viewer I instantly identified with this because I love music. You're probably thinking "who doesn't love music"? All I'm saying is that I'm the type of person who has to finish listening to a song in the car before I get out. When I think of movie ideas, I already have the soundtrack playing in my head. Get the picture?

The film opens with a glorious car chase scene, and Baby is the getaway driver. He's good at his job, but we quickly find out robbing banks isn't his cup of tea. Early on Baby got caught steeling some goods from a crime boss. To pay off this debt, Baby is always the getaway driver for jobs the crime boss sets up.

Before his penultimate job, Baby meets Debora, a waitress he becomes friends with. His mind is made up the moment he lays eyes on her that they are going to head west and never look back. But you know what they say about best-laid plains?

The crime boss is a man of his word, the debt is paid, but Baby is too much of a lucky charm and gets blackmailed into the next job. Tensions among the crew start to boil and Baby must face the music when a doomed heist threatens his life, love, and freedom.

BABY DRIVER is currently my favorite film of 2017. It has everything and more in what I love about genre cinema. Tarantino is about to retire? that's okay, we've got Edgar Wright!

Normally in a post/blog like this I list of things I liked and didn't like. Instead of a hyperbolic list of things that I thought we're amazing, I'm going to write a few words about the thing that I think I love most about BABY DRIVER.

The thing that I think I like most about BABY DRIVER is how modern it is but not without being rooted in classic genre cinema! I love movies from the Seventies (almost as much as the Eighties). After watching the movie all I have been interested in is revisiting some of my favorite films from the decade. Good heist and tough guy movies.

Without giving away the ending I will say that the ending was excellent because it felt rooted in classic Seventies genre cinema. Edgar Wright has done his homework.

In conclusion, please skip whatever comic book movie or sequel you were planing on seeing this July 4th weekend, and see something fun and original.

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