Wednesday, December 26, 2007

AVP: Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

AVP: Requiem may not hold a candle to Alien, Aliens, and Predator, but it was still a very entertaining and fun creature feature. I am not one of these fanboys that hates the AVP movies because it creates its own rules. One example of this is fans complain that the Aliens burst out of their host to fast. Too fast? Who cares. Do you realize how long these movies would be if they were the pacing of an Aliens movie? Boring, that's how long they would be. AVP is its own separate movie universe with obvious sprinkles from both franchises. The way I see to approach these movies is as if they were a comic book. Let's get to the action quick. I paid to see some Aliens and Predators duke it out for 90min.

AVP: Requiem is a improvement on the first movie; however it does has it faults. One problem I have is that when you set a movie like AVP on Earth, you are setting up for disaster. Aliens are like cockroaches, just when you think you've got rid of them all, it seems one is always lurking somewhere. Luckily setting AVP on earth was o.k, I'm just saying neighbor beware, you might have a Alien in your back yard. The second issue I have is not that big of a deal, so never mind.

AVP: Requiem wasn't quite what I was hoping for but enjoyed it for what it was worth. A good strong creature feature worth a B-.

Enjoy! ~COX

AVP-Requiem! I was very ready for this one. I had been waiting for a better version of these 2 awesome evils. I am on board with COX for the most part on this film. I think that I was hoping for at least SOME character development, but there was none. So, the Strause Bros could have just left most of the human involvement out. There was a lot of unneccesary stuff. and I think that this is the second issue of Caleb's is all about. I could be wrong. Correct me Caleb, if I am.

The character development is a HUGE part of the original Alien. The film is more about Ripley & her crew and their stuggle not just with the aliens, but with each other. You feel like you are there with her & them. and I will say that this is my favorite one out of the Alien & Predator movies combined.

If you are wondering, here is how I would rank them:
1. Alien
2. Aliens
3. Predator
4. AVP-Requiem
5. is there any reason to list the others?

This new AVP-R movie is mainly about special effects & very cool, well-done fight scenes. Why, you ask? Because the Strause Bros are "Visual & Special Effects" guys. This movie is their first BIG Direction, and you can tell from the cast & their acting that this is not the strong part of the movie. and it really doesnt need to be. I like the fact that the actors are virtually unrecognizable. It makes it fresh. Also, the fact that the acting is a bit under-par just kind of points to almost a B-movie type of feel but with GREAT effects. The cinematography is fantastic. There are some scenes in here that really blow you away with some new cutting edge stuff. You tend to forget that the acting is great because you are watching some the best choreographed & designed fights.

One thing that the Strause Bros are not afraid to do is to "hold back". They are a no-holds barred type of Directors. They don't care about body count or killing off a certain character because it may hurt your feelings. SO, don't worry about them doing this. I like this aspect of the movie. It makes it more real. Too often Hollywood tends to sugarcoat certain things, and the Strause Bros get my vote on this movie for not abiding by any certain rules here. This also rolls into what COX is saying about other fans/critics judging this movie against the other original movies. This one makes its own rules, but also invents some new ideas of its' own. I won't go into detail, as it may spoil. Just be prepared for anything.

If you are a fan of the Alien & Predator movies, want a wild kick of a movie with new Predator weapons & abilities (which by the way are TOO awesome!), and can't wait for how these 2 creatures are going to fight each other, then this is the movie for you. Oh, and one way I judge is, will I see it again? the answer is Yes.

I rate this one a B. (as the originals get A's).
but the others fall off of the chart.
I hope you like it.


Caleb Cox & Sam Blaine said...

4.Predator 2

Aaron said...

Definitely thought the movie was an improvement on the first one. I loved the fighting and and the visual effects. You guys pretty much summed it up. AA