Friday, December 28, 2007

Original Predator (Schwarzenegger 1987)

So, last night, in spirit of the new AvP-R, we re-watched the original Predator. I remember liking this movie quite a bit as a kid, as it was released in 1987 (I would have been 9, and I think COX would have been 10). It is interesting to watch something again and see some different things than what you had before. Now, don't get me or COX wrong on this, the last time we saw this was NOT back in 1987. However, It has been a few years though.

The character development was great. They did a fantastic job setting up the characters. Every one of them has their own distinctive aspects about them. You get to know them, then you feel for them as they are slaughtered one at a time by the mysterious creature known as the "Predator".

This is another great thing that is done in this film. The mysteriousness of "what is out there?" is awesome. I think that this suspense is what makes this such a great film. I think of the movie Jaws when I think of this. I love when you don't know who the killer is or what it looks like. When this is revealed this too early on, it becomes not as interesting. I wish that more movies today were made in this same vein.

I noticed a lot of symmetry going on in this movie that I had not previously noticed, which I will point out here:
1. Mac (one of the soldiers) gets frustrated after his buddy, Blain, is killed by the Predator. He begins firing in anger & frustration at the woods where he believes the Predator is located. He fails to hit anything. Later on in the film, Dutch (Schwarzenegger) succesfully hits the Predator with an explosive arrow. This frustrates the beast and he begins to randomly fire at Dutch in frustration.

2. The Predator uses a elaborate & highly-developed camoflauge that makes him virtually invisible. After coming out of the water, this camo is damaged & fails him, and he can now be seen by Dutch. Also, Dutch uses mud on his body to camoflauge himself from the Predator (since he can only see changes in heat). The mud keeps his body looking cool to the Predator. Well, later Dutch falls into the water, which washes the mud off of his skin. This now allows the Predator to see the heat from his body.

3. Near the end, Dutch is setting up his camp with traps for the Predator. He now somewhat has the upper hand, or seems to be hunting the Predator, as earlier in the film, Dutch & his men were completely the prey.

4. In the fight scene with Dutch & the Predator, Dutch is without any weapons, so the Predator strips itself off all of its sophisticated weaponry to allow it to be a "fair fight".

If you have not seen Predator. This is an absolute classic film. It is a great Man vs. Beast movie. It is a great action movie. I can't say the same for Predator II, as I really enjoyed this one.

Rating: A. --SammyB

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