Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I believe is the best fantasy movie of '07. Have you seen the other Fantasy movies this year? "Stardust" is about a young man who tries to win the heart of Victoria, the girl of his dreams, by going on a quest to retrieve a fallen star. His journey takes him to a mysterious land beyond the walls of his village. On his quest, He finds the star, which has transformed into a striking girl named Yvaine played by the lovely Claire Danes.
However, Tristan is not the only one seeking the star. Lord Stormhold's three living sons not to mention the ghosts of their four dead brothers all need the star as they fight for the crown. Tristan must also overcome the evil witch, Lamia, who needs the star to make her young again.
The movie is entertaing and extremely creative. The only problem I have with the film is that its too overstuffed. Too much is going on during this adventure. I love the mythos of the world in "Stardust". I like this movie enough to highly recommend it but not enough to call it a classic. "Stardust" gets a C.

Stardust? hmmm....what to say about this one? I will say that I do like fantasy films. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. However, I was not sold on this one. It does have a good start, and some neat ideas, but it fails to engage me in it. I gave it a chance, but it failed me. I felt like it built me up for something bigger than what it could become. The all powerful evil witches were too easily defeated. There needed to be more of a struggle for me.

I don't have much to say about this one. It is better than some I have seen, but on the flip side, I have seen some great fantasy films that blow me away, and this one was far from it. Why can't they make something like Krull again?
Rating: C-

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