Friday, January 25, 2008


Sorry for the lateness of this review, Juno came to Springfield a few weeks ago and I was able to catch it last week. It makes me happy to like a movie this much.

Juno is a very funny touching tale about Juno McGuff who after a night with her best friend/boyfriend gets pregnant. At first she decides to abort the baby, but cold feet persuades her to give her child up for adoption. She finds the perfect couple to give the baby to. This is the basic set up of the film, the rest is a 9 month heartfelt, funny, and witty look at Juno's life during this special time. If I tell you any more you will hate me for giving away your favorite part that you will love experiencing on your own.

Written by Diablo Cody a former stripper, has given us one of the smartest teen movies in a long time. Cody could be the new voice of celluloid. The dialogue is party mix of teenage speak and erudite vocabulary. It's the sort of dialogue that seems real, but then you realize how clever it is and that people actually don't talk that way. I really love that. Great scripts sometimes brings great performances. It brings me great honor to say Cody's script was heard. Director Jason Reitman(Thank You For Smoking) is quickly making a name for himself with only 2 movies now under his belt. Hollywood had taken notice of Reitman and Cody, I only hope that moviegoers do the same.

The cast is stellar as well, Ellen Page is Juno, she was totally convincing as the title character. Well, I have said my case and it's off to the theater tonight to catch 'There Will Be Blood', most likely the winner of this years Best Picture Oscar, and this generations 'Citizen Kane'...whatever that means. See Juno & Enjoy!!!! ~COX


I finally went to see this. I had plans to see it a few weeks ago, but they fell through. I started hearing great things about this one from many people. So, I went to see it and I was very pleasantly entertained. I absolutely expect this movie to win some awards.

I was totally engaged in this film from the beginning. It is an authentic & sincere story of a teenage girl that could have very well been someone you knew in highschool. The actress that plays Juno, Ellen Page, is fabulous. She takes hold of this character and does not let go. I would recommend this one to about anyone.

I love the small time feel of this. It is not, as I say, "all hollywooded up". I wish that more movies were made in this same style. It's not fancy. Its not incredibly visual. It actually is kind of drab. It just flat out has great writing, wonderful acting, and superb directing. It reminds me of some of my favorite 80's movies.

One thing that I remember about this movie, while I was in the theater, was that I got so wrapped up in the story. So much so that I forgot that I was actually watching a movie. I really felt as though I was being told a story. I think that a lot of movies these days are lacking this quality. This movie is going to hit home for a lot of people. Some of you have been there, some of you know someone who has, or you will just be touched by this cute little story.

If you get a chance, I encourage you to catch this flick. You won't regret it.
My Rating: A

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