Saturday, January 26, 2008

There Will Be Blood

What I experienced last night has to be seen to be believed. I didn't just see a movie last night, what I saw was a work of art. P.T Anderson has made a masterpiece. Until last night I thought Hollywood was done making movie's like this. What I mean by this is that more and more it seems that movies are loosing that motion picture appeal. Don't get me wrong I love a movie with fast, witty, dialogue, but if you are showing me a drama, give me something to look and marvel at as well. If I wanted a good story with strong characters, I would read a book.
PTA has made a movie that has left me speechless. Me explaining There Will Be Blood,would be like trying to telling you how good Andy's Words Cant Describe Apple Pie tastes. It's just that good, believe me.
What is truly remarkable about this film is the lack of dialogue and that it shows the ability to tell a story through images that says more about what's happening.
The opening scene alone shows you how much determination the main character Daniel Plainview has. It take blood,sweat,and tears to get what he wants.

This film has given me a lot to say so buckle up.
The film is about a oilman named Daniel Plainview(played brilliantly by Daniel Day Lewis) who has already made a mane for himself in the oil drilling business. Mr.Plainview had the voice of a true salesman,abating,absolute on the needs of his expertise, and no doubt fraudulent. If it sounds to good to be true than it probably is. With a name like Plainview it sure seems that there is more than meets the eye with this fellow. Daniel is a man that comes from no where, he has no real partners and uses his son as a exploitative selling tool rather than anything else. The only thing he cares about in life is money. Already quite the millionaire Plainview gets his big break when a young farm boy visits his office and tells him that his family's land has oil. For a price the young man tells our oilman where his farm is located. Daniel and his son show up and make a deal. It is at this moment of the story that the twin brother of the young man makes his presence known.

Eli Sunday is a evangelical preacher whose only goal is to get money from Plainview for his church, the Church of the Third Revelation. These two characters quickly form a dislike for one another. To tell you any further would really spoil your viewing, so that's the plot in a nutshell.
There Will Be Blood is a tour De force. It is truly terrifying to see what greed can do to people. A+ Enjoy!!! ~Caleb

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