Friday, February 22, 2008


Jumper is about David Rice who at the age 15 or 17 finds out that he can teleport anywhere he wants to. He first discovers this power one day after school when a mishap with giving a gift to Millie, (the girl of his dreams) takes place. It's now a few years later and David is and living in New York. He has learned to better control his powers and lives it up the only way an irresponsible young adult knows how. David lives in a Penthouse suite thanks to the money he steals teleporting from bank vault to bank vault. Lazy and rich, David spends his day’s teleporting from country to country partying day and night. It is clear that David did not have an Uncle Ben in his life to teach him "with great power comes great responsibility", maybe young David will learn that in part 2.
David decides to "jump" back home to win back the girl of his dreams. It is around this time that our hero (or lack of one) gets the attention of some "jumper" bounty hunters led by Roland, who believes that the ability to teleport is un-natural and a threat to existence. To keep Roland off his back David and Millie take a trip to Rome. In Rome, David meets Griffin, a fellow jumper that hunts Paladins (Jumper bounty hunters). Griffin gives David a brief history about the war between Jumper's and Paladins. Roland catches up with David in Rome, which leads to the movie's action packed climax.
Though dazzled by the movie's awesome special effects, I found the story very bland and very adolescent. It's a C+ for Jumper, Enjoy! ~Caleb

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