Friday, February 22, 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles

The Spiderwick Chronicles is a family fantasy about the power of fantasy imagination, but if you look between the lines, the film is also about dealing with divorce and struggling with how to live with the parent that you blame for your world crashing down around you. The film does a fine job with blending the fantasy and the painful family politics together.
At the start of the movie we see the creation of the Spiderwick Field Guide. The Field Guide is a book created by Arthur Spiderwick. This Field Guide contains secrets of magic and creatures that live among us. You can learn how to call a Griffin to your service, make protective circles, and much more about the hidden magical realm. I was talking to a friend who has seen the movie and we joked that the Spiderwick Field Guide in a way was like a G Rated version of the Necronomicon. Arthur realizes the evil implications of the secrets inside the guide so he hides it and is never heard from again.
The time is now maybe 80 years later, present time. A family moves into the old Spiderwick house. The family has moved from New York to have a fresh start, but without their father. Jared (the main character) is the unhappiest with this new situation. It's hard for him, he doesn’t understand the divorce.
Jared comes across his great uncle's field guide, and despite the note telling him not to open the book, he opens the book anyway. This opening of the book sends out a pulse (like the one in Curse of the Black Pearl) that the book has been open.
An evil ogre master, who for years has wanted the book, knows that the book is in possession of humans, so he sends his horde of orc's to get it.
You will have to go see the movie if you want to know what happens next.
Great fantasy film for the kids, nothing to frightening in the movie. The Spiderwick Chronicles gets a B-. Enjoy! ~Caleb

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