Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Brave One

Jodie Foster plays Erica, a New York radio host turned vigilante in The Brave One. Roaring rampage of vengeance takes a back seat this time around to show the audience a tale of psychology and consequence. Erica's life becomes meaningless after a late night stroll in Central Park takes a bad turn. Some city punks attack Erica and her fiancée. Her fiancée is beaten to death.
After a three-week recovery all Erica can see is a city that is now dark, hostile, and soulless. After having no luck with the police department and still feeling powerless, Erica buys a gun to protect herself. At this point of the movie Erica becomes a real Charles Bronson. The digression of Foster's character in The Brave One is a long one, which is good...sometimes.
Terrance Howard plays the police detective working on Eric's case. The two bond quickly and Erica becomes fascinated with how the detective thinks a man should be brought to justice.
Solid performances in the whole picture make for a good story. I prefer the movie Death Sentence over The Brave One any day. It's a C- for The Brave One Enjoy! ~Caleb

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