Thursday, April 10, 2008

Drillbit Taylor

It is always a good feeling when a movie is better than how you thought it was going to be. I do not feel ripped off seeing Drillbit Taylor on the big screen, but the movie is only worth a rental or bargin bin purchase.
Drillbit is a good high school teen genre comedy. This genre has and always will be one of my faves. The film is about two freshmen geeks starting the high school experience with a clean slate. Sorry boys, once a geek always a geek. Fed up with the bullies, our freshman friends seek the help of homeless bodyguard Drillbit Taylor. Once Owen Wilson who plays Drillbit gets the job, the wackeness ensues. The comedy in the movie is well paced, Owen does what he does best. The rest of the film seems like a light hearted Superbad, which to me is not a bad thing. I give Drillbit Taylor a C-
Enjoy! ~Caleb

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