Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 Summary

2008 was one of the greatest years for movies in a very, very long time. So many cool movies, there was Cloverfield, which had one if not the best buzz for a movie since The Blair Witch Project. The best part of the craze over the movie Cloverfield, was that the movie rocked and lived up to the famous hype. I will always remember the reaction I had when seeing the 01-18-08 trailer in front of Transformers. When the movie was over and people were exiting out of the theater, the overall chatter was “well, it was better than I thought it would be...yep, that's a Micheal Bay movie...but holy cow, what the heck was that 01-18-08 trailer, that looks awesome.” 01-18-08 later became Cloverfield and wasn't the only coolest movie to bring in the new year? Rambo started the new year off with a bang, and already became my favorite action movie of the year. It had some stiff competition this year but Rambo held strong and remained the action movie of the year.
The Spring movie season had one of the best exploitation movies of the year, Doomsday. The Summer movie season was so great, that it all just seemed to good to be true. Here are some of my favorites, Iron Man, Speed Racer, Indiana Jones: and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Wall-e, The Dark Knight, Tropic Thunder, and Hellboy II: The Golden Army. This already is a good list of summer movies for the year, but trust me folks, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
The end of the year was hit and miss with the Winter movie season. The winter kicked off with a movie that was a failure at the box office (if you really care about things like that), but was one of the best comic book movies that will ever be made. I did not say that it was one of the best movies ever made, I am saying that it is the best Punisher movie ever made. Punisher: War Zone is the movie that finally got the look and essence of the title character right. Christmas day was a good day for movies. I saw what I thought was going to be my favorite Drama of the year, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. To some the movie is the best of the year, but for me, it fell way short. The Tom Cruise WWII thriller Valkyrie, superseded my expectations and became one of my favorite movies in the last quarter of '08.


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