Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ten Movies That I Really Want To See In 2009!

10. Watchmen - This is a big one. From the director of '300', comes one of the most famous graphic novels ever. In most geek circles this story is looked upon as the holy grail of graphic novels. I am not a hardcore fan, but the novel is a great story and the previews look amazing.

9. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen - I am expecting more of the same this second time around. Until they make the Transformers the main focus of the movie/story, I will only be half way excited.

8. GI-Joe: The Rise of Cobra - The Joe's were my favorite toys when I was a kid, so of course I am a little excited. I just hope the director watched 'Street Fighter: The Movie' before he started filming.

7. Jennifer's Body - Screenwriter of 'Juno' + Megan Fox + A Comedy about a dead cheerleader = I am so there!

6. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - Duh.

5. Wolverine - In cyberspace it is sounding like the majority of movie geeks everywhere are wanting this movie to suck. 20th Century Fox and movie buffs are not on the best of terms right know. FOX has been on a very bad movie streak, I think 4 of their films were some of the worst that I saw last year. I just hope Mr. Hugh Jackman wont let us fans down.

4. Terminator: Salvation - The future war finally told...yes please!

3. Star Trek - I never thought that this series would ever or could ever look as cool as the previews look. J.J Abrams, you rock!

2. Inglourious Basterds - He will always be known as the guy who gave us 'Pulp Fiction', which is cool; however, I am going on record saying that this movie will be Quentin's masterpiece.

1. Public Enemies - The director of 'Heat' made a Gangster movie; I repeat, the director of 'Heat' made a Gangster movie!


Anonymous said...

It's Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Duh.

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