Saturday, March 28, 2009

I wanted to quit...

It has been well over a month it feels since I last posted on the blog. I write in this blog for myself first and foremost, but I would like to think that the other half of catchaflick gets a kick out of what I say about the stuff we have seen. Speaking of Sam I am sure that a lot of readers of this blog miss what he has to say about movies, I know I do. He may or may not return, if the comments from our readers increased, he may just drop us a post once in awhile.
As for me, I have felt the need to follow other interests other than writing about movies. Writing a script is more difficult than I thought, this is the other interest if you didn't know. Maybe when I get DSL at my house, which is sooner than later, the blogs will start post more often.
Almost 4 months into the new year without a post on a movie from 2009. I may continue to do this or maybe not, time will tell. If you read the blog sorry for the lack of posts, but thanks for reading.


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