Saturday, March 28, 2009


Before I start this review I will make one thing clear and that is I understand that this movie based on books for teenage girls, was not made for guys or even people interested in vampire lore. Pointing out how bad the vampire lore is treated in the story and movie is a complaint that has already been beaten by a dead horse. I will not go into detail on the matter for this reason; however, I think it sucks. This movie/series is the latest pop culture phenomenon, so naturally I just wanted to have a fair opinion if asked about my thoughts. This week someone at work bought the movie and I asked to borrow it, I was really interested to see what the good, the bad, and the ugly of this movie was. Watching 'Twilight' I understood the appeal, this is like 'Sex in the City' for tweens and above. I would use a Harry Potter comparison because of the supernatural fantasy element that 'Twilight' uses, only thatsaid element is not cool. When I first heard about these series of books, the first thing that came to my mind was something like 'The Lost Boys' for tweens? It turns out that I was off, way off.
The movie was not completely horrible once I got past the watered down vampire mythos. Bella Swan is a good strong character for pre-teen girls. Edward Cullen played the unattainable bad boy well too, but most of the time I could not help but cringe and laugh at the things he would say or do. The rest of the characters end up being not very interseting, but thankfully real. I hate it when the teenagers in teen movies come of as fake or people you can't really identify with.
The fans seem to be happy, so the movie must be doing something right.

I give Twilight a D+


P.S Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Seasons 1-3 are now on, a far better love story between a girl and a vampire.

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