Friday, May 22, 2009

Terminator Salvation

“Terminator” is one of my all time favorite movies. It was also my introduction to Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, I couldn't watch “Conan The Barbarian” because of the nudity. Everyone who knows 80's cinema knows why this movie is a classic. In the early 90's “T2: Judgment Day” became all the rage and old fans and a generation of new one's hailed the sequel as the best action science fiction movie of all time. To this day “T2” is still considered the best, I disagree. The popular sequel is an achievement of cinema and a high mark in special effects but just not my favorite. The third installment of the franchise is a very entertaining installment but is just more of the same old same old. It was time for a Terminator movie to be about the future war. With “Terminator Salvation” that time has finally come!

What a rough bumpy road it has been with just weeks before this new movie was to hit theaters across the country. The ugly word of mouth was that it's main star the Dark Knight himself really did not want to play John Conner in the first place. The much talked about leak of the ending raised some eyebrows of shock including my own. It was just days before wide release that world renowned movie geeks were calling it a steaming pile of dog poo. This fan was afraid, very afraid.

The time had come and it was show time at the good ole Springfield 8. From the very start of the film I was having fun, I was finally seeing a Terminator movie that was the future war. Was it as dark and bleak as the glimpses we all saw in the first two films, no, but man this was awesome. The only complaint I have with the movie is that since it's a prequel I lost the sense of suspense of what may happen to these characters. I loved everything else about “Terminator Salvation”! The action is cool and in my opinion the movies hero Marcus Wright was very cool. In still liking what I saw very much, I did think that the last act could have had just a few more T-800's and the scene with everyones favorite Terminator could have been longer too.

“Terminator Salvation” gets a B+ from me! Enjoy!!!!


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