Friday, May 29, 2009


My love for PIXAR films has been a tough one. I thought TOY STORY was awesome and then came A BUG'S LIFE and that one didn't do it for me so I was done. TOY STORY 2 came along and I was hooked again, but just only on that series. It wasn't until THE INCREDIBLES that I took the guys at Pixar seriously. CARS was a let down for me, too much of a kid's movie. I really want to take a second look at the one about the rat that wants to be a chef and I still have yet to watch MONSTERS INC. Then came WALL-E, this was the first time in my adult life that a animated movie could very well be a best movie of the year for me. Pixar was starting to make actual films and not just eye candy for kids and parents. This studio is getting the love it very so much deserves from critics, movie geeks, and most importantly moviegoers.

How much did I like UP? I liked it enough to turn around and go see it again in a heartbeat. I have loved adventure movies since birth and UP is one of the coolest I have seen in a gosh darn while! My head is still spinning over this movie. I haven't felt this way towards a movie since KILL BILL VOL.1, that was way back in '03 so I may be missing a movie or two, but that just shows you how much I really liked UP. I need maybe a few days to get my thoughts together. In fear of just rambling gobs and gobs of praise I will sum it together with saying that this movie has it all.

In closing I realize that I don't really need to sell people into seeing UP, it's a Pixar movie and the quality that comes from this studio sells itself. People will see it and like it and say 'yep, another masterpiece from Pixar'. I hate spoilers so this holiday season I will give a more detailed review seeing as this one will no doubt be one of my top ten of 2009!

A+ Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!


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