Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Collector

What a truly great surprise, I did not expect this movie to come to Springfield at all! This film also it seems just came out of no where and sadly may only last a week. If tonight is date night and you like a good horror movie, skip FUNNY PEOPLE ( it will still be waiting for you next week) and go see THE COLLECTOR.

THE COLLECTOR is the best thing that is happening in horror right now. Ever since say like 2002 horror movies have been like they were in the late seventies and early eighties, cool and scary. Today horror is in a bind. The genre is and has been over saturated in stale ideas (j-horror), torture porn(that's SAW for all my non horror readers), boring haunted house tales, and the uninteresting horror remake. When I say that THE COLLECTOR is the best thing to happen in horror I am telling you that this film is an anything but ordinary nail biter horror movie. The premise is what I love best about the movie.

A thief has been scoping out a house he is going to rob for weeks. The family that lives in the house are going on vacation. Times are rough because his wife owes a lone shark some money sooner than later. Our jewel thief has to do the job before midnight despite what his boss(or partner) says. This is truly where the story begins. What the jewel thief does not know is that a masked killer has been staking out the family as well. The thief breaks in to find the house is set full of nasty traps for the family to fall prey to. So begins a very interesting and awesome cat and mouse game as the thief uses his skill to save the family without becoming a victim himself.

Never before have I been on the edge of my seat in the theater than I was for THE COLLECTOR. The ending sort of lost me but other than that everything worked for me.

It's a B+ for THE COLLECTOR! Enjoy at your own risk!


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