Saturday, July 25, 2009


A friend from work let me borrow CORALINE to watch over the weekend. This is the first stop motion animated films I have seen. Yes, I feel like a dork for never seeing A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS or CORPSE'S BRIDE. Too many movies and so little time. I actually plan to purchase A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS when I get a Blu-Ray player.

CORALINE is a really great film and that is just from watching the 2D version. From what I hear the 3D version is the way to really watch it! 2009 is really shaping up to be a very cool year for kid's movies! UP, CORALINE, and in October is WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE which the buzz is nothing but good things.

CORALINE is a nice little spooky story for children. A young girl finds a secret door in her new home and discovers an alternate version of her life. At first glance this parallel reality is eerily similar to her real life, only much better. But when her parallel life turns dangerous, and her "other" parents try to keep her forever, Coraline must count on her resourcefulness, bravery, and some new friends to get back home.

CORALINE really soaks the viewer in the aesthetic and intelligent storytelling. This is not ICE AGE 20 OR THE WILD; however, it is a tale that will resonate for a portion of the moviegoer hitting on their own feelings of selfishness and wanting the spoils without the work. This is a story and a movie for the ages. If I had seen this movie when I was say 8 or 10, by the time high school rolled around I would have been like "you remember that movie Coraline? Wasn't that movie cool?". Trust me, some of your kids will be saying this down the road.

Can't wait to see this in 3D, I give CORALINE a B+! Enjoy!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Ooh, it looks fun and quirky, I want to see it!

Anonymous said...

That was htuck.