Saturday, January 11, 2014


When I had heard about HER, the new film from director Spike Jonze, I could not wait to see it. A story about a guy falling in love with his OS seemed extremely clever and interesting. The trailer did not win me over, it made the movie seem really hipster and pretentious. The reviews kept me optimistic. Sadly I was duped. Duped by my own self. You see, I went into HER thinking one thing and in return getting something more complex. A satire about how our culture is becoming to dependent on technology, smart phones, and social media is what I was expecting. I should have known a film from Spike Jonze wouldn't be as simple as that.

Jonze goes deeper than a commentary on people falling in love with their "iPhones". HER is one of the most smart and honest films about love and relationships I've seen in awhile.

Theodore, a writer still getting over the break up of his soon to be ex-wife. He's been in and out of the dating game with no success in finding the right woman. One day he decides to install the latest and greatest OS. This OS is designed to be the perfect operating system for its user. Theodore immediately bonds with Samantha, his new artificially intelligent OS. The bonding quickly turns into a relationship that becomes full blown love.

HER is one of the most original films I've seen in years. That being said, I could just not get into it. The reason, I'm embarrassed to say is because it wasn't cliched enough for me. Maybe I was thinking too literal at times? One thing for sure, the performances sell it. Joaquin Phoenix is stellar as usual. Scarlett Johansson gives what is probably her best performance as the voice of Samantha.

i really wanted to love HER but came away only liking it. It may grow on me with future viewings much like last years THE MASTER.

I recommend HER based solely on how original and smart the film is.


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