Saturday, January 11, 2014


Scott Adkins is awesome! Unfortunately you've probably never even heard of him. He's Jean Claude Van Damme's right hand man in THE EXPENDABLES 2. If you have seen that movie, then you understand when I say he is pretty bad ass. My fingers are crossed he gets some more prolific roles in the next few years. Bullseye in the upcoming Daredevil television show would be awesome. Heck, he'd make a good Daredevil now that I think about it.

Casey (Scott Adkins) is a ninja master. While going to the market to pick up a late night snack for his pregnant wife, a intruder breaks into their home and murders her. Hell bent on revenge Casey takes out two common thugs who he thinks are responsible. To help cope with the loss of his wife Nakabara, a friend of Casey tells him he should train and meditate at his dojo. Casey's anger gets the best of him and it's not long until he is back on the trail of his wife's killer Goro, a barbed wire gauntlet wielding ninja bad ass!

This film has to be one of the best action films of last year. I want to go ahead and give it that title but I've yet to see DRUG WAR. Regardless, NINJA II has it all in terms of an action movie. At every turn it seemed like Casey was kicking someone's ass. Every turn. One moment he is roundhouse kicking peoples faces off in Taiwan , and the next he is taking out a military compound in Burma. It reminded me a lot of those late 80's early 90's pay per view action films, but done correctly. You see, a lot of action movies back then just had tough looking people with big guns or swords walking around and doing nothing. There is nothing boring about NINJA II thanks to filmmaker Issac Florentine and his star Scott Adkins.

I can't say much about Mr. Florentine with only having seen but a few of his films, but it is apparent he is perfecting his craft. Cannot wait to see what future projects are in store for him!

Now I've seen enough movies starring Scott Adkins to say that he is the next Chuck Norris. NINJA II had better fight choreography than any other big budget blockbuster I saw last year.

At a recent movie night the evenings choice was a extended cut of THE WOLVERINE. I like that version quite a bit but I was left with wanting more. Marvel/Disney is sort of cool for giving fans a R rated Wolverine film. I'm thankful for that but while watching NINJA II, I kept thinking wouldn't have been cool if THE WOLVERINE was like this! I'm probably asking to much a genuine R rated Wolverine movie would rule. Just sayin'.

So if you're looking for an amazing action movie to watch then NINJA II is your movie. Now don't worry about seeing the first film. It's equally as cool but might be tough to find.


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