Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Favorites of '07: Action Movie - "Shoot Em Up"

Finally an American action movie that's pure action! You can tell this movie was made by a filmmaker who loves the genre and got to make the movie he wanted to make.
"Shoot Em Up" ended up becoming one of my five favorite movies of 2007. This movie is so much fun. You know your in for a wild ride when one of the first actions scenes is a massive gunfight taking place during a child birth. The action and this scene set up the rest of the movie. Clive Owen plays Mr. Smith who delivers a baby during a shoot out. With the help of a streetwalker played by the very beautiful Monica Bellucci, he calls upon himself to protect the newborn from a band of gunmen led by a hitman. Paul Giamatti brings his A game as usual to this role.
I am a big fan of movies with stylized action and stylized violence, "Shoot Em Up" I am very happy to say has both. The movie is absurd, so many moviegoers might not like that. I still remember the night I went to go see "Shoot Em Up". I was waiting in line to get tickets and the showing before mine had let out and this group of people were laughing and going on about how stupid and unrealistic everything in the movie was. From that moment a grin appeared on my face that lasted until I got home and went to sleep. I give "Shoot Em Up" an A+. Enjoy! ~COX

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