Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Favorites of '07: Comedy - "Hot Fuzz"

I can not say enough about "Hot Fuzz". I love this movie. "Hot Fuzz" was holding top prize until later in the year when I saw "No Country for Old Men".
Hot Fuzz is the story of a hard boiled super-cop named Nick Angel. Intimidated by his arrest record, his superior officers transfer him from the busy streets of London to the sleepy village of Sandford. A big cop in a small town, he sees murders and conspiracies that the village cops and locals see as accidents. With the help of his partner Danny Butterman, who is a action movie fan, it's not long before they discover that not everything in Sandford is quite what it seems.

To call "Hot Fuzz" a spoof on action movies would be a slight disservice to the film. This movie is so much more than that. It takes everything from action films(serious to outlandish) and turns up the heat, making the movie very funny and very cool. The first half of the movie is a quite slow and funny murder mystery. The second half kicks into high octane laughs and action. As with "Shaun of the Dead", "Hot Fuzz" is a movie affectionately poking fun at a genre that the filmmakers clearly love. "Hot Fuzz" gets an A+ Enjoy!!! ~COX

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